Wednesday, April 12, 2017


              Hello this fine night!   I do not enjoy life in the desert.  But it is never boring for sure.  From heat issues just driving to work in the full on sun.  To everything on a hike being sharp and or wanting to eat you.  This can include everything from the grass --if you can find any, being sharp   to the angry butterflies fluttering around your head as you fall off a cliff-ever reaching for sharp dirt and weeds to stop your decent.   I believe I have mentioned all this at least several times a week.  Especially in the summer when I am out and about a little bit more.  Last night I was in my travel trailer/ man cave/ office/dog house attempting to sleep--don't ask, and by early morning, when I could still not find sleep, it was down right chilly out here.  Earlier today and was out and about getting some new pictures and such and grew to warm in the sun.   When I came back out here I had to dig out the fan and lay in front of it for awhile to escape the heat.  Now about ten o clock at night when it is almost ideal to be outside, the bugs are out in full swarming force.  From those that just swarm to biting lil devilish pests to those many bugs that really just like lights.  Beyond talking about the often extreme weather changes I am not positive were I was going with all of this.  I can say that after typing the above paragraph I got distracted by my beautiful wife and than by bed.   So it is early morning, I have just woke up the kiddos for school.  And it is once again chilly outside.  Making it very nice to also be holding this steaming cup of freshly brewed Joe.  ;)   So take heart, fellow reader, this paragraph alone took hours to produce, minutes to actually write, seconds to read, and even less time to determine it is pure gibberish gold!  
       The great 2nd car hunt in our household is not going very well, still.   Although tax season really may not be the best time to look for a vehicle to buy.  We love our main car, that we broke down and went for broke with at a local dealer.  But while I have it all day at work my wife and the kiddos are stuck out here in the middle of no where with no vehicle.  Living out here is great--almost perfect, when you can escape the area any time you feel you need to.  Plus the vehicle is in very good shape--- and I at least think it would be very nice, especially in the desert to have a knock around truck again.  One that is already filled with dents and character and one that kiddos can learn to drive in without giving me another ulcer worrying about a minor brush in with some sharp brush.  Plus it would be nice to put some miles on another vehicle too.  I realize that is what we got this rig for---but my commute adds up the miles fast.   Although not this glorious week!   

Too soon? 
Well Santa and the Easter Bunny
and I need help all year long!

All those blue boxes are daze off for Easter closure! Just one really long work day to go before the break. What to do what to do

     The fine casino I work at closes tonight at midnight for a four day Easter break.  I do not know any other casino  local or other wise that closes for anything!  They could have an meteor crash through the gaming area celling, and within the hour have the area roped off, roof tarped up---and fancy signs up inviting guests to soon enjoy the new skylight/star gazing unit being happily installed in the amazing ceiling!   We get paid for the daze off--for the most part.   As a server our main pay is actually in tips and we have a very low hourly wage- but it is a price I will take for the time off.  As most waiters I am independently wealthy anyways.  Just ask all our single dead beat non working friends whom seem to think asking a family of five for a long time loan is far better than asking a boss at the fine casino for a job.   If you are one of these fine beggars, that live in the Tucson area, the casino is hiring many people --to put in the new skylight.   I joke, but there are honestly 40+ positions open were I work.  I tried to take a non relative--rather young man that was asking for change at Safeway, up to work with me, so he could apply for work --and got cussed out by the young man.  Both amusing and sad at the same time.  But as in most of my paragraphs and thought lines, I now digress ---It is almost Easter--no time for negative talk about our fellow relatives and or neighbors.    Speaking of skylights---we live kind of in the middle of no where, and the star watching is always amazing.  Last night a huge moon came up ---and that to was a joy to watch.   I tried to get pictures, but even my good camera would not really allow me to get more than pictures resembling the blurry messes people take when they try to get pictures of Big Foot.   I will have to stick with pictures of sunsets and rises.   Another local sky treat.   I post pictures of each often on my blog pages.  And am always amazed at how brilliant the sun shows are in the desert.   So many bright colors   and always in a completely different color pallet.  

Pre work jitters

More Easter posts to come of course!

       So I am on the road a lot to get to and from my fine job.  Coffee as in many aspects of my life often fuels the commute.  I have often thought that with being on the road so much---I will more than likely die in a driving related fiery crash.  I often think it, although I do not usually share such thoughts out loud.   Here is my one hope - if this does happen----the 5 o clock news worthy crash/fatality happens in the morning, so that I do not have to suffer through work all day long before meeting my maker.   Don't get me wrong --I love my job, for the most part.  Especially when I get paid for days work is closed.  But I would FAR rather jump our vehicle off of I-10 on the way to work -causing many to be late for work that fine day.  Who knows the impact of the crash could result in a new skylight for our vehicle!   Everyone behind the crash---in both directions of traffic will be stuck for a good while as any fatality ends with.  And on there cell phones they will be angrily explaining to there bosses at work and there real bosses at home, wives---how they will be late.   But just a little bit.  They will be cursing me out under there breaths --without even knowing whom they are mad at.  Than blasting there personal music choice with the windows down   hopping to annoy everyone else in this parking lot.   What I personally call grid lock, non moving traffic on any highway.  When traffic does move just a lil bit they will be rubbernecking with the best of them, but not enough to cause another wreck just past mine.   They will be doing a lot of things, but secretly they will be thanking me, a me they have never meet.  For a distraction, a pause from work that could not be avoided.   A time to sit in the car and pick there noses and head bang to the country music they are now blasting out of there stereos.  
    Anyways all this nonsense said---the other day while I was safely cruising down the interstate- on my way home a semi blew past me.   It was carrying about a dozen wrecked cars down the road.   I thought nothing about it, and kept pace close behind the truck.   Until vehicles just ahead of me started to swerve.  Not because they to were picking there noses --but because of wrecked cars were flying off the truck in the wind and mostly bouncing down the highway.  I don't believe anything hit any drivers at this time.  I slowed down even more as large pickup truck side mirror flew past my window and than skidded down the asphalt.  At this time it was not any of us drivers time to go---but an eire glimpse at how fast something bad can happen.  

So many trails   So little time!

Sine I am up so early I am hoping to 
sneak just down the road and grab some pictures I have been wanting to snap for 
awhile now.  Also should be able to get in some great and much needed Exploring
in during the break from work.  

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