Wednesday, April 5, 2017


           Hello everyone this fine day!  I again find myself slacking or responsibilities and adulting, but enjoying coffee so not really sad about this neglect--yet.  I have a long list of to-do's mainly saved up for to doing today  but have been slacking on this so far.  To which I am happy and sad about at the same time.   Mostly sad because the slacking has not involved an Exploring hike   yet.  I am sure my beautiful wife's list for me is longer than the one I made on my own, but she is still out of town.  And these were mostly things to do to quickly make the house look cleaner and such for there return home.  Kind of earn my keep here I guess.  ;)  Work attempted to call me in today---but I declined on that fun.  I did however get a new post up on my Exploring Arizona blog page last night!   I had hoped to do several   but the Internet was giving me fits- and it took so dang long to do the one post--I gave up and went to bed.   Please check it out    and share the links if you enjoy

      **" Anyone want to vaccine / clean inside of our car? I finally gave it a wash but the inside needs help. Lol"**---I recently posted this online.  Not my intended offer   but the car is several months old now and probably needs a vaccine and vacuum.   

     Word around the pub  is that this Thursday is national beer day!   Everything important has its own day it seems.   I will be at work---but if you choose to celebrate, be safe.  I can't afford to loose any of few readers I have out there.   ;)   I believe The Globe Trotters come to Tucson on that day also.   To bad I can't attend.  I meet many of them years ago while working at Denny's in Oregon.   They came in to eat, and were amazing diners.  

 **So a buddy and I decided tonight that to get full time at the casino I work at -this cracker needs to be more non cracker like. So first I might need an native name any suggestions folks..... To get the ball going here is my suggestion "Running Mouth"---I have been at this wonderful workplace just short of three years now, and even though I work full time hours, can not achieve actual full time status.  Even though I am one of the whitest boys running around work, customers often ask me if I am native---seriously, and I have to pause to make sure they are not joking.  Like I am inside at work during the hottest/sunniest parts of most daze and the whitest white shade I think I have ever been.   I think I most resemble Casper the ghost white right now.   Depending on the customer--I often reply with    I like cookies and if anything am part of the famed, almost lost   Chip A Hoy tribe.  ;)    Anyways I recently posted the above  hoping to get some fun native sounding names to call myself.   So far the only offering, besides mine is   "Road Runner"   I guess because I am on the road so much with my commute and Exploring.   Y'all wonderful readers have any to offer??    There are so many ways to contact me on this page----And no smoke signals is not one of these, and so few people contact me, no matter how offensive I think my posts or views may be on that day.  

     I have recently put the word out that we have been looking for a 2nd vehicle.   Above is a picture I received in response today.   I am sure it gets amazing gas millage!  

  So before my wife left town she found me the above pillow some were    for when she left.   When you squeeze it   the whole pillow vibrates.   Good times.   Anyways this find was at a thrift store---but still very kool.   I never even dreamed they made such a thing.  And they probably still don't.   Years ago when her and I were separated by many states, she made me a full sized body pillow   that was a body.   With arms and all.   Let me clarify.   It was not a dead body.   Although wrapped up right and left in a motel bed, it would surely freak out a lot of people.   Because I was so used to sleeping with someone else in the bed, I could not get to sleep at night.    To save other issues---like jealously   between the pillow and my wife    this one is up on a shelf.  And has been the whole trip.   I just wanted to show it off.   

       Should also double as a list of suitable responses from any husband.   Sadly I have not become smart enough to shut my mouth on any occasion.   Some day.  :)

Home yet?  
I have been posting online pictures of all of us  with the caption    home yet   each day they have been gone.    The other day I found this spray paint   and so far have only used it for good.  Mostly.  Please note, Facebook police and detectives that the spray paint color is blue....
Anyways I put this in my personal space/
man cave/dog house the other day   and posted the picture. 

  So my beautiful wife and the kiddos started there long journey back home late last night!   I am very excited and hope they are too.  Especially because soon after they return, my break from work starts.  Now just to get along peacefully,   HA!   I think there is already trouble a brewing  and they are not even out of Oregon state yet.   

      Next post some more thoughts about large people and a new beyond stupid government pay day I found out about.   But not today.   For it is getting to hot outside to keep enjoying coffee.  I still enjoy it, but it's to hot out to drink it   ill clarify.   And because my projects are not getting done.  Although as I type this my own to do list has grown a lot.   Thank you for reading!    

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