Friday, April 14, 2017


            And a great good day to all of you!  I am happy to report that life is good.  For many reasons right now.   Mainly revolving around some saying that goes something like--"Happy wife, Happy life!"   Although I have been noticing the appsence of any saying that rhymes or other wise about happy husbands and what they equal.  You can make your own joke and or statement out of that.  There are loads of things to be thankful for right now, I know it's almost Easter  not Turkey Day---so that means a few more shopping days till the Thanksgiving stuff is on the sale racks.  ;)  Nearing the top of the list  is that I am off from work and getting paid.  And that we have gotten in some good Exploring over the last few daze.  Complete with lots of pictures of course for this and my Arizona Exploring blog page!   I also just got a new laptop.  Well new to me, although it is not near as old as the one I am using now.   And I do believe everything on it actually still works.  I have however really not had time to mess with the new toy much at all yet though, sadly enough. I am sure a picture of it   and probably the old --almost PC now laptop  that I am using to type this blog post up very soon.

      I had a new one the other day----yes there are still a few strange things left that have not yet happened to me in this world.  I was sitting in a diner restaurant --one were I do not work, even---wait  it gets stranger...  and this homeless person came inside and started to go table to table yelling at the customers.  It seems the city bus was coming and he did not have change to get on the bus.  Several workers soon appeared in the eating area, but were kind of at a loss what to do.  But none of them seemed to think the verdict was to give him bus change.  He was eventually shown out of the building, a worker played flight attendant and showed him the buildings exists.  And the man kept exiting to the nearest corner.  Were he started yelling again, this time about Hillary Clinton being the anti-Christ or turkeys or something equally as important.  Many cities are trying to hide there homeless--big government probably being why they are homeless to begin with  is a good reason this does not work.  I know that many of us are just a paycheck or two away from being in a very tight spot ourselves, this is multiplied if you have a family or sick family member.  I have had to panhandle before--once  and it was humiliating as all hell, but it feed us all for the weekend when I could get to our bank and settle some issues.  I randomly give to those in  need to   especially if I feel they really are in need and not just going back to there  BMW at the end of a long day of standing there.  Or if I really enjoy the sign they are holding.  Like a few daze back my beautiful wife and I passed a panhandler gentleman by the Tucson truck stops with a sign that read "I am to ugly to prostitute."  I don't care whom you are   that's funny right there and he deserved a dollar or two just for making us laugh.  OK maybe as is many times the factor, I was the only one laughing--like on this very page!    But as long as I am amused, right!?   I have had the yelling rejects rush up to me asking for change, and than instantly mad that you would not even give them the time of day.  Most of these people are not poor and are in there early 20's.  Once I tried to walk past a whole hippie tribe of such beggars in Oregon state, by pretending to be talking on my cell phone.  I can't see you /vise versa if I am talking on the phone, right?  This almost quickly let me pass them , until the conversation I was pretending to be having was interrupted by my phone ringing with a real call coming in.  They could see me now.  But I still have more respect for these people than those that refuse to work at all.   Let me rephrase that---are fully capable of working and living off the state and or others.  These people -and there have been many in our lives---because my wife has a huge heart, feel they are intilted to everything.  They feel that if you are going to work six daze a week you should go ahead and bring them back some cash also.  Even if they do not happen to treat you nice, because they are really buddy's with your spouse.  And boy when the perks start to go away --in there head or realistically---formally covered by the state or  an actual worker---than the sh*t hits the fan!   Y would you possibly not let me use your cell phone to call the lover I am out here hiding from?   Y should I need to pay for food.   Y should I help with chores.  Y do I keep screaming the letter Y??  And if you are real lucky -when the person finds things to unbearable   --they will not wreck your belongings as they throw this mini hissy fit or as they eventually move out of your Hitler/ Trump reign.   Can you tell we just had something like this happen here ?  ;)

      Another new one for me---I was driving to work the other day, just miles from the casino I work at.   All my windows were down, because it is already hot in the desert---and I was stopped at a red light, not picking my nose, for once.   I soon noticed that the couple in the truck beside me was yelling at me.  I was not moving so did not have road rage at that moment.  I soon realized it was a couple that comes to my work all the time.  They know I hate making nachos  -and pretend order them all the time, to see my reactions.  At this moment they were yelling out an order for nachos ---with ALL the toppings on the side   to go!   I did like I usually say at work---and told them we were out!   Now that I type this I notice this might be another of the many examples of a thing you had to be there for yourself to be as amusing.  But again I am entertained so I will allow it!

    Lastly today----I promise I will feature my personal pictures, jokes, and quotes in my very next blog post.  And coffee love, you thought I was going to slip up and not mention coffee today didn't you?   Didn't you!?   In our continued search for another vehicle I am getting very frustrated.    It took me 20 texts to finally look at a pickup yesterday, that is maybe two miles from here.  I finally think we have found a person that can really help us in our search   but that is still yet to be seen.  The truck just down the street was also to expensive and crap.  Held together by rubber bands and hopes and dreams.  A few weeks ago we found a very nice four door truck online for what seemed way to low a price.   After replying to the add  I found it was a scam---and the person did not even live Tucson or the same state as us.  But at the stated price he could ship the truck to us from somewhere in Montana.  He worked for the military it seems, some strange branch like the girl scouts or something, and could ship items at almost no cost to him.  Maybe he should skip the truck and ship me a tank or loads and loads of girl scout cookies...    After reading some of the very long e mail, I replied that I grew up near were he was stationed and it would be no problem at all to skip those fees and the paperwork for us both, as I was ready to come pick up the pickup at that moment.  Heck I could use it as a trip to see my parents and show them our new truck.  I just needed to know when and where I was going.   Bam!  How about them apples!?     Oddly enough it has been a week now, and still no reply from the seller.  ;)

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