Sunday, April 16, 2017

All Aboard For More Exploring Arizona!!

            Hello fellow readers and those that love to Explore Arizona in person or from your computer chair!   I have had the last few days off of work for a mini and much needed Easter break, and have had some time to Explore and get new pictures.   Now to find time to post.  Please check out all the posts on this very page--and share the link if you enjoy!!   For more pictures and Exploring of all kinds, please check out my longest running blog page    I usually explain where I am better than I will in tonight's post.  Mostly because I am fairly sure I was not supposed to be in this area.  I am also not sure of the smartness of posting this one.  But anyone that drives on I-10 between Tucson and Benson, Tombstone, and beyond knows where I am talking about.  There is several stretches of rail road tracks full of just mighty train engines.  Joined together - easily 300 train engines.  It is quite a sight to see, even at highway speeds mainly because of the amount of engines here.  They have been sitting here for over a year now.  And I have yet to learn why they are just sitting there--although I have received many answers to this question.  I fail to believe any of them.  From our past president ruining the economy, mainly the rail economy to the are to old to run anymore.  Kind of like all the stories I have heard about the large white blimp that flies over Sierra Vista on most non windy days in the spring and summer.   It even flies its way into locally shot movies.   But the stories about what it really is, beyond a blimp are interesting, but probably just a load of hot air.  

As I above stated-I am not sure were I was on this day.

I believe not much could be finer than a set of rail road tracks to follow on a hot spring or summer day.  

Is it just me or does the D stand for Duuuuuh!
As in keep of the tracks  Duuuuh!

        A few days ago I decided to venture onto the property and get several pictures.  First let me show y'all my three favorite shots from the day.   I pictured these first on my other blog page, before explaining any background on the adventure.  The second picture I sent to my boss---and she replied with  "Does this mean you are calling out from work tonight?".....

Dear train police   I do not know whom this stranger is above that took my camera to take these pictures of himself---as in this is not what I look like.   Thank you for your

Old set of tracks below I-10

The surrounding mountains make a perfect backdrop.

You can just make out several of the other engines here. 
There are easily 300 in this area. 

Each of these machines are amazing beasts.
What I wouldn't give to be able to start one up.
The only thing that might have been kooler to me
is if some cabooses could be found here. 
I always thought buying an old caboose and turning it into an office would be amazing. 

   On the wall in the picture just above.  On this day I was more worried about the train police watching.  And how close I was to the interstate.  And the tower with cameras for the boarder patrol.    A strong reason no pictures show me on top of any of the engines, although I really wished to get a shot or two from on top one.  I figured staying on the ground would keep me out of handcuffs.

More of the train bridge. 

I may have went crazy with the pictures.  
But I was having fun.

I became a little more relaxed once I spotted spray paint on almost every engine.
Some of it was quite impressive though for sure.

Spotted on the way back to our vehicle.  
Kind of applies for the trains and for the traffic up above. 

Next Exploring post our youngest and Shadow my puppy Explore the San Pedro River. 

As always


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