Monday, April 3, 2017


           Good morning to everyone this fine day!   I was going to say chilly day, but my family is in Washington state where the sun loves to hide behind clouds and rain this time of year.  Not to long ago it was snowing in much of this area, and I am pretty sure our low --that lingers for a little bit at night, and lasts about an hour in the morning, is the day time high were they are right now.  So I will just say the coffee feels good right about now, and if one were to stay at a motel this time of year, it would be very ill advised to jump in the pool-even in the middle of the day.  Although I have jumped in colder water for sure.   Later in the year, when the states motto really kicks in---"Land of the sweating sun!"   OK not officially official motto  but I use it and like it.  When summer is in full force, I pretty much could sit in the pool all day work day or not and like to randomly jump in the shower and turn the water pretty much to cold.   Since my last blog post- we had April Fool's day----more on this when I am more awake and or witty!  Yesterday turned into another extra crazy day at work  and soon became another ten hour day.  Helps with the bills of course and the distracting of my mind while my family is states away.  But it turned into a long day.  For sure.  One would think with so many folks in our house at all times, that the quiet would be nice---but it really is not.  It is almost to quiet--a spookily quiet.  Something that turning on all the lights and blasting the radio   really does not fix.  Especially the first night---we have pre pay electric   of sorts--kind of like the no contract cell phones.  When the electric amount is nearing empty---the electric company sends a notice to my beautiful wife's smart phone.  Great, we pay the bill and carry on.   Not as great when she is on the road.   The first night she was gone, I came home to a completely dark and empty house.  Except for my puppy of course.  And it was very dark!   If something had wanted to come out of the wood work and get me, I would not even have been able to see it coming.    I tried to dink around on my cell phone for a little while, but did not want to kill the battery---as it was also my alarm clock and it is not like I could have plugged it in to recharge it.  Anyways long story short, we have power again now, obviously.  Today at work just happens to be my Friday   at work--if I do not answer my phone that is.  At the moment  everyone else's real Monday is the completion of my work week.   We have been hiring new people left and right, but none of them seem to make it to work  thus I will try to not answer my phone.  I wish to get some things done while home alone, some cleaning and such so it looks like I didn't waste the whole time when the worn out travelers return home.   And  several blog posts on all pages with any luck at all.  

             How does one "cope" with coming home to an empty house? You blast the music and turn on all the lights. This didn't work last night 😉 but I don't want to talk about it. I miss and love you all!

       **"A Zombie boyfriend will love you for your brain-NOT your body!"**---Just sayin'

  **Did you know ?

   Coffee spelled backwards  spells  "While you were reading this, I took your coffee!"  ;)

                     **"Red M & M blue M & M the all come out the same
How come things that happen to stupid people keep happening to me?"**---
Homer Simpson

     **" The older I get the older getting old becomes"**

   Everyone should have goals and or an inspirational message to go by, " 20 bucks is 20 bucks!" Probably shouldn't be anyone's----  So awhile back while roaming in Benson I found a bumper sticker that stated "I'm not gay  but $20 bucks is $20 bucks!   Sadly I did not have time to snap a picture of this, something you would only see in a place like Benson   really.   Sadder still   I made the mistake of posting this bumper stickers "wisdom" and sharing it with my wife and such.   Now several friends of ours yell  the above   all the time.   

   **"Starbucks doesn't make enough coffee to fix today. Beyond stressed and I'm not taking the road trip. Heading to work now. Woooooo!"**

Work fuel! It is Dam impossible to come up with a believable excuse to call out on April First. Guess I'll post the above picture and go clock in.      Starbucks newest spring cup   if the red cups offended so many snowflakes and people with nothing betterer to complain about   I wonder whom the yellow cup with a *Gasp * Easter egg will offend??   The cups don't offend me until they become, to suddenly void of coffee!   

  **STOP trying to figure out whom should wear the pants in your relationship  
    Relationships work best when no-one is wearing pants!  ;)

      Got the rental van with only one minor hitch. I hate when someone tells me I can't do something I've done 20 times before. April and the kiddos leave at 1 AM to avoid Phoenix traffic. Is gonna be a long week without them

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