Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Woooo! For Coffee!!

      **"I am not sure how coffee got it's own table, but Kudos for that!"**

**"I have great faith in fools----self-confidence, my friends call it."**--Edgar Allan Poe

**"Suckin at something is the first step to being sort of good at it."**
**""Whether you think you can or think you can't--your probably right"--Stewie Griffin, Family Guy
**It's Always April Fools day at my house"** Some could argue that I am an over achiever, and a fool year round. I seem to be an over achiever in all the wrong areas!---- Please check out my blogs for more deep quotes like these!

    Rather cute picture of myself    don't you think???   Again more on playing server for a living and how real a job it really is---coming soon     just not today.   For now just enjoy these pictures I done stole......

               Customers stated they were in a hurry   and than ALL ordered well done steaks & milkshakes....  So I drew them a map to the nearest McDonald's!   I find this one extra funny   because  it is true ---I get this hurry up attitude all the time at a sit down restaurant  where the customers know Dam well even fast food is not really fast anymore.  AND because these two great minds could be talking about anything ---and this is what they were posted as saying.....   too funny in my book.   

      Not fully true  because we can not have any more kiddos, and have been looking at mini vans  as a 2nd vehicle  because you can haul so much in them easily.   My wife and the kiddos are also taking one up to Washington for there long road trip ----a rental   but still a mini van.  

     Hello all and welcome to yet another instalment of my constant random rambling!    This is just a quick glimpse into the workings of my mind and most of the thoughts and such might really only be amusing to myself for sure.  *Like the boarder patrol post last week that brought me so much hate ---I do enjoy all comments and feedback   although I wish I got much more feedback, with all of my sights, it really is incredibly easy to contact me and yell at me.  And who knows you might be the next one of the few, that has changed my thoughts or mind set on something!   Years ago when I was not working a real job, many say as a server --I am still not working a real job, I started many pages on the net.   Most of them loop together and share the same jokes and such of mine.  Daze I am off work I try to update these pages.   Especially on days like today -were it is threatening to rain.   I wish it would just stop thinking about it  and dump some major rain on us, again like late last night.   Late at night -when I can not find sleep  I also like to post.  Because that is when my mind tends to wander most.    My entire family is on a trek to Washington state starting on Friday, and I will probably be posting a lot than too---if I can't scam more hours at work.  It does not happen much, but I have found that when everyone is gone, our house is way to quiet ---almost spookely quiet when they do leave.  Although the cats and dogs will be around to keep me company and warn of people coming to close to the house.  

    I slept in for the first time in awhile this morning.  And it felt great!   Although as I often state ---I do not count it as sleeping in when I can not fall asleep until way late in the morning.   In any case coffee is assisting me in this post yet again today.   Would probably not be an option this late in the day, if it was not almost full on cloudy outside.  Because we seem to have bypassed spring here in the desert altogether and went onto full out summer.  Already having five daze straight of 90 + temps in Tucson.    All I can say to this is,   to soon!  And of course cuss words  but neither help the heat.   

So many trials   So little time!

This is actually in our yard   but still a neat picture.   And coffee is involved so win win!
I hope to have the Ummph to sneak in an early morning Exploring hike tomorrow morning---time will tell if that happens.    My next Exploring blog post will be about our exciting trip to Tucson to watch hockey.   They are playing a game tonight  and I almost want to sneak up ---but it's a long ol drive.  

                    And now your moment of Zen........

We sadly do not have either of these puppies anymore
but both are pits and we were more than worried about how they would get along. 
After several hours of being at work---my wife sent me this picture.  

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