Friday, March 24, 2017


          Hello all this fine morning!   I hope that sleep found you all far quicker than it did me last night.  To much on my mind once again---and most of it stays way back in my mind while I am awake, but as soon as I attempt to lay down and sleep  it all floods to the front of my mind  were I focus on it, truly important or not.  Of course now there is coffee, but it can only help me out so much!  Now I am mostly just enjoying the coffee and the koolness outside before the sun fully kicks in.  That and the calm before work later this fine Friday and the extra calm before everyone wakes up here.  I was again asked the other day why my job as a server is so difficult-and found it easiest to just reply--that it really is not difficult.  Another person that seems to think I walk up to tables -take there order--deliver the food--than pick up a big tip.   Every table every time.  I have been training new servers at work lately  and would love to train people like this gentleman--who could never hack it as a server only because he could not continue to bite his tongue as he was getting yelled at by an angry customer for something beyond his control.  His little bit of control -while simply taking the order-and *poof, delivering the food!   I have a whole blog post forming in my head on all of this--and hope to run it past several of the waiter pages I am part of online, before I put anything down in writing on this page.  To make sure my thoughts mesh with people that do this easy job complete with an easy button they can always push to get instant help, for a living.  But for now I will just take comfort in my big tips each night.  ;)

When will I get this award?
And look as thrilled as him....
Wait I would have to actually complete ALL me side work
Not happening.

      I was highly disappointed to not really see rain yesterday.  The weather report ---talk about an easy job, especially in Arizona-- said it was going to rain, it smelled like rain, the sky got supper over cast and cloudy.  And yes we did see rain, but a wimpy storm that moved on quickly and by the time we got to Tucson yesterday afternoon  the cooling clouds had given up and moved on, and it was back to hot.  I love a good rain in the desert.   I feel that it basically gets so hot, that even God takes pity on us, and a nice cooling rain breaks on the whole land.  For the whole day if we are lucky.  Monsoon season is just around the corner--and than we get dumped on almost every day!  Rain wise, we seem to get dumped on by life every other day as it is.  Although our house and such is certainly not ready for the rain---I am.   Speaking of weather, my beautiful wife and the kiddos are soon headed to Washington state on a beyond sad road trip.  And we are trying to stock up on blankets and coats before they hit the road.  Because it recently snowed were they are going, and it is now moved on to rain and lots of rain.  The high temps for the day there are the lows here just before the sun sets itself on fry the land mode.  Yes, I realize the vehicle has a heater, but at some point they will have to get out of the vehicle.   Not every building has a drive through window, yet.  And no, folks, that is not discrimination against extremely fat people.  

    As always    PLEASE check out my Exploring Arizona blog page!   I really do have loads of updates, ideas, and pictures to share from this page.  Including our recent trip to watch hockey!   100+ posts on that wonderful page to Explore while you are waiting for me to stop slacking.  Please take a look around.

 You can just see the ice  past the teams logo!   Very fun night---full Exploring post coming very soon to the above sight.   

True story!

  So I must vent for a minute about our new bank search the other day.  Not that it really was a search -there is only one bank out here in this small town that we would use, have not had issues before.  And it is actually a credit union.   We both have accounts at other banks, but the banks do not have branches in this small village of a town.  We also have single accounts, that the other can not touch.   Both making it very hard when we wish to pay a house bill or when I come home with tip cash every night and would rather deposit it than stash it at our house.  I have had lots of issues with cash and banks and such--so that is nothing new.  The big one lately has been that my drivers licence addy has a PO box  and no one will let you send money --even electronically with a PO box.  Whatever.  The other day we attempted to open our account here, there was no one in the lobby and no cars even waiting to pull into the drive through or the parking lot.  We had the cash in hand to open the account.   There was two tellers, but one was going to lunch.  Long story short, they would not open the account that day because they were short handed.   I realize not having any tellers or workers is beyond there control.   Big cooperation's do this all the time.  One check out open at Wally World during the dinner rush, two tellers at the bank, etc.  But the one worker had not even clocked out to go to lunch yet, meaning she was still there AND on the clock.  I started to become mouthy, imagine that.   Stating that I had never been to a bank that would not take my money before...   but stopped myself, because we really wanted to open an account here.   And returned the next day----with few problems----although opening the account took forever.    A new one for me, we had to open a savings account----and still both got Visa debit cards, I have never had the option to have a debit card on a savings account.   Also this is a credit union, something we have never joined before.  Yesterday we added cash from other accounts to this account --for there upcoming road trip and maybe bills.  We found it easiest to withdrawal the amounts and than bring it into the bank.  That way there were no charges from either or both banks.  Another first----and I had to check the receipt's on this one, there is not branch of this bank in Tucson   some how.   BUT  get this   you can take your cash to almost any credit union, and get your cash put in your account.   Blew my mind.    Really!   

                      And now your moment of Zen......

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