Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You Put The FU in Fun!!

            Hey all tonight!   It is officially spring by the calender today.  But the spring weather kicked in here in the desert at least a week ago.  Already nearing if not hitting 90 outside several daze now.  I even broke down and turned on our cars A/C a few days back while sitting in Tucson traffic.  We have never used it, and from the smells coming out of the air conditioner I would have to say it has not been used for quite awhile.  Yes, it cooled the car right down, but I was checking my work shirt to see if I carried the funk from the vents into work with me.  This is one of the first cars we have ever had in the desert with actual A/C!  And I usually forget we even have it.  For a few more months, you can get by with rolling down the windows and hoping you can drive faster than the hot air.  When summer actually kicks in -and it is 120, in the shade---the wind blowing into your car, even while on the highway  is just hot hot air.  I already can not wear my work shirt during my long commute to work, because I sweat to much on the way to work--even with the A/C on it seems.  Were was I going with all this.... O yes--Now is the time of day, in the desert, after midnight--- were it finally cools off--and sometimes is down right chilly even.  Last night it was so hot when I first tried to get some sleep --but I still wanted a blanket close by for when it did cool down.  Now this cool down is like 50 outside, but compared to the hot hot temperatures, it seems down right chilly.   Living in places like this for so long now, is yet another reason I am delaying my trip back home until the snow stops flying.  Because there when it warms up to 50 outside, residents break out there shorts!   This cool down does not happen around the Phoenix area---it just stays Dam hot all night long.  
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    **"Mondays at work don't seem half bad when it's your personal Friday😀. To bad it's also old person discount day ..."**

  **"...It was like a midget using mouth wash, who would know??"**--- Jeff Foxworthy

            **"I used to think I was bi polar but now I just know I'm an A Hole!"**

       **"We are hrs into St Patty's day, and I am still sober!"**___ Homer Simpson

  So last Friday also just happened to be Saint Patrick's Day--I am sure many of y'all knew this.  You knew it for sure on this morning while you were still nursing a hangover from all of that green beer.  ;)  I happened to have the day off work and our youngest and I snuck to watch some hockey!   As of this year--Tucson has a hockey league  ---and we have been trying to go all season long.  I had lots of fun, I'm still not sure about our youngest, but he seemed to enjoy it.  The local team got there butts kicked  4-0  but since it was the home rink   they made it fun --even with all the breaks and pauses in the action.  Filling each one with some kind of contest or such.  Originally my wife was going to come along too---not to watch the game but to dink around Tucson, because it was $2.00 beer night, as to be the driver after, but she decided to let us boys have some time.   I was going to have one green beer, because of what day it was and all, but they were $6.00 each  for green Bud Lights.   So mostly water----  Bud Light is what one drinks to sober up... ;)   I  just read about the many bad effects of drinking to much green beer, mostly ending in spending a lot of time on the potty.  So am kind of glad I did not even have one.  

Not to shabby of seats.

And yes--they do have ice in Arizona! 
I had several out of state friends ask me this.  
Although we now try to keep it a secret because in the rink it was
extra nice and kool!   
This is the down town events center in Tucson by the way.

Good times!
Only green shirt I could find---also my Sea Hawks, Sea Chickens

Pit stop at Denny's before the game.
More pictures to come of course from this great night. 
I had my real camera with me too. 
These are just the ones I snapped on my cell phone.  

    Lastly for tonight----  on the radio today I was hearing about a man back east --making quite a name for himself.   Not a good name...     Although I find it all beyond funny.   He finds dates on online sights and than when they go out to dinner he quickly scarfs down his extra large meal, excuses himself, and sneaks out of the building.   Leaving his date with the bill.  So kind of a half dine and dash, because surprised and than annoyed "date" is now stuck with the bill.   The original "news casts" were making him sound like a hardened felon--because he has been doing this for awhile, and of course his dates are furious, but as I might have already said, this is Funny!  With a capitol FU!  

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