Wednesday, March 15, 2017


          Hello all this fine Wednesday morning!   Yesterday I had hoped to get in several blog posts on all of my pages and maybe a hike, bed felt betterer until it was decided it was time to run errands and than BBQ up some burgers.  My work schedule just changed -this week and I now have Tue-Wed off of work.  Not used to it--but if I ever had a regular work week-I do not think I would know what to do with myself.  But it has easily made Mondays MUCH betterer because they are now my Friday.  Woooo! 

   Anyways my wife and whatever kiddos happen to be home this afternoon, the kids are on spring break right now---are sneaking to nearby Sierra Vista, mostly because we need to go to the bank--and until we open a local account there is no branch of our bank in this small village of a town.  We are also going to go to The Olive Garden to early celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary that is just around the corner.  Because of some new family issues and just laziness --the main prizes for her are going to be late --again this year.  Although last year we made it to a Jeff Dunaham comedy concert and than free dinner, right here in Tucson  and it was an amazing night.  They are building a Dave & Busters here--- kind of an adult Chuck E cheese--I suppose    we have never been to one.  With video games and beer and such --and hopefully with not stuffed mascots!   I had promised new pictures in the next few blog posts--but am not awake enough to download them this morning.  SOON, indeed!  

    **"Last night I wanted to drink coffee.   This morning I am drinking coffee.   Follow your dreams, people!"**

   **"Last night I read something extra funny and spit coffee out my nose. Strange some I was not drinking coffee at the time"**

       **"Vegetarians are people too, hungry hungry people!"**

     **"Life is like a box of chocolates, it does not last as long for fat people."**

    **"If you cook your meth with brake fluid you can stop any time!"**😉. Write that down

   **"We may not be around in twenty years, BUT they're sure gonna know we were here!"**---  Jason Aldean----    A good quote and a great country song   Tim Mcgraw has some very inspiring songs out right now.  He also has a Facebook page full of quotes--that probably are not really his, but it is a good sight to build up good vibes of people helping and such.  His wife and him start touring again together this year, and will be just up the street near Phoenix within the next few months in a huge sold out concert.  I went to a concert of his years ago in Montana and it was amazing.  He really does put on a good show!  After my buddy were hanging out behind the even center trying to catch a peak of someone  famous.  And a motorcycle revved up near us-and than speed away to the city.  We realized it was Mr Mcgraw -and if we had not been in the middle of Montana fair -with our car parked exactly 900 miles away, we would have attempted to follow him.  We later learned when he was in the smaller cities, he liked to go back to his roots, and play/perform at dive bars for the people.  And this is what he had done this night.   Dam the luck.

   As always please don't forget to check out my Exploring Arizona blog page.  I have many new pictures and updates in the works.  

Where should I Explore next??


     I was reading an article a few daze back claiming that being a server was more stressful than being a neurosurgeon.  Now I would not go that far for sure.  Me messing up an order is nothing compared to a surgeon missing a cut by a fraction of an inch.  Although his patient is knocked out, isn't moving and will not talk back.   Waiting tables is a very stressful job though.  Unless you ask my wife-who has never waited tables before.  Yes I love my job, maybe it is just the tips.  But I have been doing this type of work on and off for years---Most of the time I make it look easy  and I don't get paid enough to stress.  Besides I do all of my stressing at home.  ;)    More on waiting tables coming very soon.   

   And now your moment of Zen.....

     **If liberals don't believe in biological gender.....    Why are they protesting for women's rights??**      Just sayin'

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