Tuesday, March 21, 2017

     Hello all this very warm afternoon!  I might have mentioned before that I do not like the heat- and it is already beyond warm out today.  Probably to warm to still be drinking coffee for sure, especially since we do not have a running A/C here at the moment.  I used to try and decide in my last apartment if I was crazy crazy or crazy smart for cranking my A/C -sitting by it and guzzling my coffee last summer.  It already being very warm, no matter what time I woke up it seemed.  Past 5 AM that is.  Like many things I am here because my family likes the town and the heat.  I do love my current job though, 90 percent of the reason I stuck around last year, when I thought my wife and I were really through with us.  Plus when I work, and that is most daze---it is much cooler at work.  I just have to suffer on my daze off work.  The heat really does make me sick sometimes--although it has been long enough here, I should be used to it going from hot to extra hot about this time of year.  It really kills me out, because on my days off work  I would rather melt under a fan or sit in a pool all day and wrinkly up.   But I also hate sitting.  I want to Explore and get things done on my days off.  But like today   that does not usually happen.  Mainly because just sitting here typing--I am sweating like crazy.  Stupid desert life ;)   I guess I should be working on a cooling device in my space here -but I get stuck on all the things I should be doing right now, and than I just want to go back to bed.  Until it is night time and a comfortable shade of hot.   While I am slacking   because you know the slacking will win out once again today.   I might as well just work all the time---at least than I am making cash, and there is obviously less fighting going on at home.  Because I am not there.  ...While slacking I hope to add some more Exploring Arizona blog posts today also.  We will see what happens.  

   Last Sunday was also our five year anniversary!  Above is the last part of my prizes for her--for now.  I worked a good deal of Sunday and our celebrations as far as going out to eat and such were different days so we did not do a whole lot ---but it was still a good night of us.  Five years together, married   and 11 together--doing whatever we are doing.  Of course today I am off work and in the dog house it seems--although I am not fully sure why like usual.  Again I should just freaking work all the time---my days off work nothing gets done beyond arguing and its to hot to move.   Good times.  

I enjoy a good sign picture.

I saw someone by the Tucson truck stops holding a sign that said "to ugly to be a prostitute."
I should have got a shot of that one.  

   So last week I posted the above on my sights and on a local Tucson Facebook page.   I do not really care what people think on my pages because the key word here is MY.   On the Tucson page--at first people above thought the picture was great---one person even stated that that is how she found her husband  so it worked for her.  Than the true butt hurt "snowflakes" came out in full force.  And they were out for blood---because of how obviously offencive this picture is.     Maybe it's because I soon posted with this   that Trump approved of this picture...   Wow!  More butt hurt.  Say it back wards  woW!   Say it upside down   MOM    anyways wow was the word of the day after posting this.   I tried arguing logic----  many times my first mistake.   Stating that if anything this was making fun of the border patrol.  And than reminding readers that the mighty border patrol patrolled other boarders.  Asking if this same picture was posted with the words  "how to pick up Canadian chicks, Aye"   if they would still be so verbal.  No response to either of course.  Just lots of Trump hate and me hate.  Through all of this  people were liking the picture and sharing it like crazy.  So I than that the picture might be wrong on many levels but it was more wrong doing on allllll of those laughing, clicking on like, smiling, and  Wow--sharing the post.   They were more wrong than me  and were surely going to hell!  I was off work on this day   and attempted to defend myself most of the day.   Mainly going with   if you don't find the above amusing, keep scrolling there is lots of Internets out there to offend you or calm you down.   All the while my clicks on my original page were growing hugely.  Like over 8,000 views, mind you.   At one point I had to take the picture down---to save face.   Not because I think it is racist or anything, but because people online are crazy~  !   At one point they were posting from my personal Facebook page, were I worked  etc.   Saying that everyone should contact my bosses ----explaining how raciest I obviously am.   Even though I work in an native American casino--I must be fully racist -y'all!  Anyways this is when I instantly took the post down.  Off of the Tucson sight.   It is still on my personal pages   and now this one!  ;)   Editors note:   I am not racist   I dislike everyone equally!   Any person can be annoying   no matter there race or up bringing.  But I can honestly say I do not hate anyone.   Hate is such a beyond strong word in my book.  The most annoying I mark down as DURPS    Dim-witted Urban Redneck Paroles.  

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