Monday, March 6, 2017

         Another day off work.  I tell you I could get very used to days off for sure!   Although I am pretty sure most days I do more actual work at home than at work any day, I will never admit this to any boss of mine.  And my wife will never admit this in any way either.  So I guess were golden.   With my daze off switching this next week, and extra daze off work extra hard to get--I have another long stretch of work days coming up- and it will be awhile before I can get used to another day off work.   Luckily I am keeping two days off in a row with my new schedule.  I beyond hate split days off for many reasons.  But mainly because I am usually exhausted by the time I get my time off, and mostly just wish to sleep my first day not at work.  So I just get used to slacking and than have to return to work.  I find myself awake much to early in the AM today, because the kiddos over slept and missed the bus, so I just dropped them off at school.  I am trying to get some of my huge to do list done today, because I return to work tomorrow.  Including trying to find my tax paperwork so I can get an estimate on how long the return will take and how long I can be rich for a week or so.  :)  Mainly right now I am attempting to wake up and make this blog post enjoyable at the same time.   So far I don't believe either is being accomplished.  That all said I am nearing three years of working at the amazing casino.  Sure does not seem like that long.  Unless you ask my boss, who says it feels like we have been working together for eight years.  I am going to take that as I seem very knowledgeable and accomplish my job as I have been there much longer instead of that I am that annoying it only feels like a much longer time period.   As it seems is the answer at our house.    But at least at work I fake it till I make it.   ;)

     I also hope to have time today to post in my Exploring blog page.   I was hoping to last night, but found bed more appealing.  Our pictures and Exploring from across amazing Arizona.  Please take a look around and share the links if you enjoy!

                 **"It's hard to diet when your favorite exercise is chewing."**

           **"Pretending to be nice all day is exhausting!"**----Garfield

                     **"Ten out of ten people die from death---I like good stats and odds.  

              **"If you're parents don't have children,chances are you won't either."**

**"Just because you can stick it in your mouth doesn't always mean you should."**--- Tosh . 0.

**"Note to self, do not discuss personal things on Facebook anymore, and don't forget to pick up rash cream."**

If you call someone mental and than they reply with "No Your mental!". Who wins??---Sadly another true story I won't bore you with right now.  

                           **"Make sure you get eight hours of coffee per day!"**

                                         **"Sleep is a weak substitute for coffee."**


         **"I found the vodka, it was in the orange juice!"**

    I try and add deep and or inspirational quotes and thoughts into each and every one of my blog posts.   Except of course this one.  And of course something about wonderful coffee.  Something I talk about way to much on this page.  But some days I swear I run on pure caffeine and anger.  In my next few postings I will add some newer pictures of our puppy, bbq's, and Exploring of course.   I am just to lazy -and not awake enough yet, to transfer the pictures right now.  I hope to do a quick Exploring trip --yet this morning before I venture into town and the bank and such and lose my coffee high.  I would not have to hurry into town if our tax refund would show up today.  But I have not been to the bank in awhile now, and the car dealership seems to think we should make our monthly payment.  ;)  Even though I make tips every day that I make it to work--we do not have a bank branch near us.  And most days I do not want to leave for work even earlier to stop by the bank.   Blah blah blah---hope everyone has an amazing day!    Contact me if you have any suggestions for this very page, complaints, or show me were you are Exploring today!

     Today's moment of Zen comes from Cookie Monsters Facebook page.   A direct quote at that.....
Today, me eat a cookie. 🍪 Tomorrow, me eat one, too. 🍪🍪

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