Wednesday, March 8, 2017

3/8/2017 Still Waiting

      Hello all this fine day!  Almost to fine here in the desert considering they are talking 90 degrees outside by this Friday--to that all I can say, is to soon!   And welcome to Arizona!  When I or someone complain while we lived in Washington, about the rain--or Wyoming about the continual cold--it just snowed a heap there a few daze back, my buddy would yell-- "Welcome to Washington  or Wyoming or whatever state I happened to live in at that time.  Bastard--but it's true.  Each state and area has it's wonders, but to get to them you have to deal with the negatives.  And here it is the intense heat.  Luckily for me I am at work most days during the hottest part of the day with some kind of air conditioning.  We are on the old side of the casino and still have a swamp cooler---usually mostly worthless, but a bit cooler than standing outside.  We are also looking at buying an above ground pool to help beat the heat a lil bit.  Although once summer fully kicks in, there really is no help.  
    So with my computer issues--I have a full sized PC monitor hooked up at the moment.  The color keeps going out of whack-- to an off pink setting---in fact it just went to that setting as I was typing this.   I have chosen red print for many of my blog posts---and when the screen is out of whack-I can hardly read anything in red.   Including what I have already typed this morning.  ;)   Good times!   I hope y'all can read everything just fine and enjoy some of it-even!   I am running short on time today--so am going to keep this post short.  And not ad my new pictures and such yet.  But many are coming.  Because although much of my stuff has been or is broke--my camera finally is not.  I would have more time to post this fine morning, but we are still trying to hunt down our tax return-and I can not seem to accomplish much over the phone with my bank.  Like prove that I am indeed me.  I had many problems with my account in the past, so I am glad they take the measures, but at the same time it is annoying to have to talk to someone face to face.  And prove that I am me.  Especially because this is hard to do in many cases.   Although a seasoned scammer could probably prove they were me, even though they arnt--last time I checked and get access to my no money -from over the phone.  They have before in fact.   Awhile back I argued rounds with our bank when they wanted two forms of ID from my beautiful wife --and her bank card from the bank we were standing in, from the account we were having issues with   did not count as a valid form of ID.  Really?  After several minutes of me trying to get an answer to that one that actually made any sense--I never got one, I pulled out my ID--and got her issued a new debit card with my name on it, saying I had lost my card also.   Was not an issue at all.  For the SAME bank account.   WTF?   This was when we still had a joint bank account, so awhile ago.   Yes I realize we is married, and many days she even tells people she is married to me, but for a year we were mainly separated and living in different houses--so having a joint bank account does not work in any way.  Boring story short---we are leaving for work early, so that I can argue with the bank and get full access to my account again.  I am sure I will have nothing to vent about after all that fun!   HA!  I can't even type that sentence with a straight face.  If we go nside the bank together she will proaby have to prove we are married, even though we have the same last name, and such  even though she is not on my account in any way.   ;)

                                **"Come on freakin' tax return!"**

           **"If all the world is a stage---where is the audience sitting?"**

                                **"Be full of coffee---NOT hate!"**


And now your moment of Zen......

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