Tuesday, March 28, 2017

And To All A G'Night!

             Hello all tonight!   It is actually like 1:30 in the morning but until one goes to bed or the sun rises, it is still night time.  Argue that one when you have to open at work --long before the sun rises.  I started work at 8 AM today---not to bad, but with my commute and all that means I have to get out of bed around 5 in the AM  --not right.  Yes it was good money in tips again today, but it turned into a very long day.  I came home and layed down for a minute to rest my eyes, check my eye lids for holes, and try and get rid of my headache--and the next thing I knew it was almost four hours later, and almost midnight.  Thus why I am still up and about.  That and because I have the next few daze off of work.  As far as headaches go, I only know how to give them, I do not know how to get rid of them.  Although for some reason standing or sitting in a very hot shower with the hot water running over ones head seems to help every time.  Although when living in the desert all that hot water gives you new issues.   This here very blog page o mine now has over 47,000 views!   Thank you all VERY much for that rather large number.  I have been doing this page for several years now, and am always happy with how many people keep up with this page.  Although none of them ever explain to me why they are here...    This large number of views also proves to me that my parents are not truly me only readers.  ;)  

          My Exploring Arizona blog page is also jumping in views-----Sooooo many updates and posts in the works.   Full of our Exploring and pictures from across Arizona.  If I have enough  Umphff I will post on this newest page yet today, before bed.  Please check it out at ::

  On the same note I am going to try and bring back a feature--- were I pick songs that I think promote traveling and or Exploring and than steal the links from Youtube and post them here.   I can post the actual song on my blogs, and have in posts past, but not today.   This weeks Exploring song is from the movie Cars-----   Life is a highway.    By Rascal Flatts.    Enjoy!


**" You are not bald you are just taller than your hair."**

                        **"Can someone please text me a cup of coffee!?"**

                 **"" Note to self put the coffee cup down before you sneeze!"**

       **"You know how you just enter a room and forget completely why you are in that room?? That's God playing Sims ."**---I always thought living in an apartment was kind of like playing Sims too.  You can ---I can sit there for hours watching glimpses almost spying on pieces of peoples lives.  And never have to get close or meet any of them.

 **"I am not an as*Hole, I am a hemorrhoid---  I irritate A Holes!---The Dude   Write that down!

I'm starting to get a complex because I never work with my main bosses anymore. Even though they work 18 hour shifts--- True story.   And my post a few daze back.  Not that my hours are much less per work day, even though I am still officially classified as a part time worker.  Posted with no replies from my great managers.   Even though most of them are on my Facebook list.  The managers and I are still deciding how good an idea that is.    

I'm combining Easter and April Fools day this year - I'm sending the kids out to look for eggs I haven't hidden.

   My buddy is in the middle of moving---a process I was supposed to help with, mostly for the road trip   but also because we have been buddys for a long while now.  And he has helped me move several times including a cross country voyage that we will never forget  but that was also far from fun.  The first time I moved to Arizona from the shady and green state of Washington.   Anyways he just sent me a picture text    showing a very nice sum of cash from a slot machine in Viva Las Vegas.  He says he won this off of playing two bucks!   We both live on very limited budgets---so this win probably more than covered his move expenses.   I have not hit anything while gambling for a good while now.  Although I have hit some decent ones in the past, usually during a road trip, were the cash won about covers what I had planned to spend on the trip.  We recently got our tax $  and the last few short trips to the casino I tried to go with the theory and mind set, that one does not win cash    when one needs it.   So since we had the tax money   we didn't really need to win anything.   This has not worked for me.  ;)   Time for a new theory I guess.   My safest bet seems to be to keep my tip money from work, and exit out the back door---were there is no slot machines.  As far as machines   one that ALWAYS hits for me has flashing lights of course and a big sign up top----you can find it at any casino across the country, and it always pays off for me, time after time..... The sign on top says "ATM"   Give it a try and let me know how the pay outs are.   

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