Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Green Beer Day!!

    Hello heat!  And a happy Saint Patrick's day to y'all!  I managed to give myself off the day at work -in a way.  But I am not sure when the other person volunteered to take my work shift, they realized it was a green beer drinking holiday.  My main issue with working my current job on this day, is that I am kind of short---I say vertically challenged, which may well be the ONLY PC term I enjoy using, and the cook line likes to call me a leprechaun all day long.  At some point I am fine with it, and just reply that the cooks "Just want my lucky charms!"  ;)  This year Tucson ended up with a hockey league of there own and they turn the events center into an hockey rink.  All season long, when I do snag a rare weekend day off work- they are playing away--BUT some how they have a game Friday night--tonight!  So the youngest and I are going.   In fact I got the tickets yesterday.  I am very excited, maybe more so than our son.  And it is cheap beer night at the arena--although no word on if it is going to be green beer.   My biggest issue when telling people, excitedly -that we are going tonight---is that I do not know what to call an hockey game.  It's not a game--or show  an expedition?   At any rate it will be an Exploring adventure and I will have pictures for sure.   


        **"It is not harassment -if you like it!"**--- HR at work.

      **"Luckily for me I don't have enough friends for an intervention."**

   **"Work out tip. Get really heavy coffee mugs!!"**---Work out tips are VERY rare from me.  

   **"Not everyone can be Irish--someone has to drive."**

Good question.
Although around our house  I often wonder when they stop...

    About time to sneak to The Olive Garden for an early anniversary dinner. Was with the kids to but they are all busy. Yum! Thanks IRS. On a same note does anyone know when Dave & Buster's opens locally? Location of our real date night soon-----posted a few nights back.   And it was beyond good!  They have there buy a meal take a meal promotion going on again so we got full sized meals to take home also, maybe to share with the kiddos.  I talked to the waitress about it being our celebration, and she got us a free dessert---it was beyond amazing - although it may have stopped me from enjoying any cheesecake we used to buy.   It also saved her tip--because the service was -eh so/so.   I happen to be a server-so she still would have gotten a tip.  But before the free dessert the tip I had in mind was much smaller for sure.  That and the fact that I learned we could use our pre loaded credit card with some of our tax $ on it to pay the bill, does not come out of our bank accounts--just kind of like floating around cash--so using it was kind of the illusion of free din din.  

  Last Saturday was the local health fair at the Benson hospital.  We do not enjoy the Benson hospital in many ways, but this was a really kool event.  I was surprised.  I probably would not have went at all  but our daughter was one of only 4 from choir that sang at the beginning of the celebration.  I am happy we went.   We got tons of free stuff, and information and I happily snagged lots of new pens for work.  They seem to disappear quickly.  It really is the little things that find me joy!

Follow the large chalk foot prints to the inflatable colon....

Worth the visit right here!
a full sized-walk through inflatable colon.
Complete with diseases all over the walls.

I sent pictures of this to my buddy--and he was obviously impressed.
He than asked, what they would come up with next.
I replied---An detachable penis??

  After the health fair we had time to hit a few garage sales--a small joy we almost never get.  I got the above machete---I will tell you later how good an idea that was.  ;)

This extra kool retro Wyoming pillow--it came with two other boring pillows
and cost me a whole 50 cents total.  

   And this joke item porta potty---that was supposed to be a moving present --but I might just keep.   My buddy --the same one that got the inflatable colon pictures---is soon moving to Idaho---even though I fully warned him that after the move-every time he calls  I am going to yell  "I the hoe!"  into the phone.  Above pictured is the outside of the item.  If you have to cock your head sideways or tip your monitor to read this ---after I stop laughing, I am sorry.  

     Inside-------   I have seen jokes about this on the Simpsons---   but thought this would make a great moving present.   I originally was going to ride along with him on the move daze for a quick road trip--but do not no think I can get the days off work.  How many of you have used a single hole one of these?  I have.   Anyways, he than asked me how one uses something like this----I replied "you always head to the top---always!!"

     On my last day off work   just a few daze ago we also had a BBQ at the homestead.   I love living/owning in little ol Saint David.  We have some land for the dogs and such to run and run  and not to many neighbors   so I can look a fool and not care.  No huge front page news---but again the little joys!   Here are a few pictures of course.  ;)


I have found that if I drink light beer--I can drink more and not have my tummy expand....

Almost a shot of my puppy  Shadow--she moved to quick.
Also pictured is our youngest-chillin   he is going to watch hockey with me tonight. 

My beautiful wife  also chillin

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