Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Exploring Aberdeen/Greys Harbor II


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     This page is all about Bellingham and Whatcom county.  What to do see and be here.  And I have many ideas for this page.  I really do, I just been busy with a little day called Christmas and all. ;)  This page is also all about exploring.   And the trail took us out of Bellingham --across the state actually to Aberdeen.   This trip gained us a new travel trailer, that is in our family's yard for storage, but will save us a lot in motel rooms this summer.  Of course all of our roaming this summer will make it in picture filled blogs.  As long as my work gives me time off.  So today I wish to share a few pictures and thoughts.  

      I usually warn people to make a U-Turn when they see the above sign.  But we do have some great friends and or family members that always make the trip worth while.  All of the water and such make for some great picture opportunities.   Since my wife grew up in this area, I will refrain from bad mouthing the area --for now.  The town does have one of the best motto's around though. 

  I can though bad mouth this motel!  In our travels we have stayed in some very bad places.  This is possibly the worse place we have ever stayed.  Nothing worked right, but we still payed full rent.  Including the bath tub that took six hours to drain.  They were closed down for awhile, to meet safety standards, and you can see some improvements going on now. 

     Just after the "welcome" sign, you pass this rock wall of sorts.   I have been exploring at the top, and can say it is worth the difficulty to climb.  You are greeted by water views just across the road.

   Just into town, take some time to explore this great park.  The bridge in the background is a draw bridge, the entire area has such bridges.  So don't be surprised if you have to wait for awhile.  


                                          Some fall color still hanging on for dear life.

Right past the park is a Starbucks.  
I took time to write one of my posts for my other blog at this coffee shop. 
If you call the random rambling writing.  
Let me know what you think--  www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com

The above sign is not over the Starbucks, and is actually a false sign.  
The shop is now closed.  

                               Behind the Wal Mart store is another good area to explore.  

                                              Abandoned pumpkin I found along the way. 

                                                                          O shaped trees.

Just before the sun came out for a little bit. 
They do not call it Grays Harbor for nothing. 

                                       Across some more bridges to Hoquium.   

   Both towns obviously benefit from the water.  But they also take logging seriously too.  A huge loggers rodeo greets visitors each year.  We have been to the parade and rodeo I am happy to report. 

                                                  Same blue boat, different types of draw bridges.  

   Behind the industrial area is a look out you can climb up and stare at the water.  

   Beyond is Ocean Shores and plenty of other great port towns.  I do not really like Ocean Shores.    It is one of those towns that could be a great tourist trap, but is far from being one yet.   You can also easily jump onto highway 101 from this area.  

  Lots of updates and new features in the works.   My next post will be all about weekend Christmas activities in wonderful Fairhaven.   

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