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A Fairhaven Christmas Story 2012

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Last Saturday our family went on over drive and really got into the Christmas spirit. Nana came to town for the weekend, and she shared in on the festivities. At least the inside activities, she is from Arizona and all. Last year found me in Wyoming -surrounded by family, but not with my kids and wife. There is something extra special about sharing the holidays with kids. It puts you in the spirit very quickly. We have been watching Christmas movies on Netflix, but can not find two movies that do it for me *make me far less Scrooge-ish* every year. Those are --National Lampoon's, Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story. The 2nd plays 24 hours straight on cable TV each year.

On this day---and next weekend, Fairhaven was full of activities. Most at the best price of free! Also don't forget that the Farmers Market is going until the 22nd -Downtown Bellingham. An easy way to buy local for the holidays and stay away from all the box retail giants.

The newly lit trees in The Village Green

Horse rides.

Both through Fairhaven and down near the bay from the Bellingham Terminal

Downtown Fairhaven from inside the wagon.

Waiting for the ride to start!

Time to thank the horses.

Of course Santa & his wife were present!

On to explore the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.

Full of activities!

Including a sail in boat light show. Something we sadly did not attend.

Events include---more horse rides

A huge gingerbread house display.

A family favorite was the Larbee School house---with two of our kiddos attending the school.

Although the crowds to view --were massive!

Much dancing and music---hot cider and cookies

And fire truck rides! Everything was free!!

The majestic Zodiac is docked here.

Undergoing some massive repairs.

By early afternoon it was time to return home.

And prepare the house for Nana's visit!

We ventured just up the road to purchase our family's first real Christmas tree.

A far cry from going out in the cold and snow to cut down a tree---something I have done before.

But this method proved just fine.

Nanny pitches in to help.

Time for a break from all the decorating.

Every year the kiddos get special ornaments and every year together

we buy a dated tree ornament.

Finding one with the date on it, is much harder than one might think.

This years is a great Dr Sues themed one from Target.

We also always put up the handmade decorations from a Christmas of our past.

We were all living in a motel for the holidays and all of our Christmas stuff was in storage in another part of the state.

We borrowed a fake tree and made all of our own decorations.

Not saying it was a bad Christmas--there is no such thing!

But the decorations are awesome, and they remind us of how far we have come.

I am sure your family has some great traditions.

To read about some more of ours---please check out some of my posts from last year

at another great sight of mine

We also hope that you and yours have the most amazing Christmas possible!

Filled with hope, spirit, family, love and the true reason for it all


This count down ornament now says eight days left!

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