Thursday, November 29, 2012

Halloween 2012

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I was very happy to have this Halloween off of work. I love my job, but spending the "holiday" with my three kiddos is much betterer for sure! We already knew better than to attend the Trunk or Treat event at the massive Christ Is King Church. This is a great event, but it is always way packed. Plus going from car to car in a parking lot, does not seem much like trick or treating to me. We also knew not to go to the event at Bellis Fair Mall. If you have been there, you know.

In the morning Max, our youngest, and I set off on some trails near our house in beautiful Fairhaven. To wear out our son and the dog. I managed to get some neat pictures. Although I wanted some fog filled pictures from inside the Bay View Cemetery. What could be more Halloween-isk? Is that even a word? But on this day, it wasn't an option.

The closest picture I got that day that was creepy at all.

And his view....

Personal favorite tree in the middle of Fairhaven Park

Always more trails to explore!

Than it was time to dress up and head to Bellingham's great down town.

I used bits and pieces of costumes, and we are still not sure what I was this year.

MANY of the local business gave out lots of candy! The instant winners in my book were the downtown barber shop--who gave out wrist text devices to all of the kids. And Rocket Donuts who gave out free donuts---even for the adults!

One only had to look for the orange and black balloons, to receive lots of sugar!

We than roamed the very busy and hilly streets of Fairhaven's down town. About the time it started to get dark, and the stores were running out of candy, Washington weather returned and the rain started to dump on everyone.

We went to Hillcrest Chapel to dry off.

They had lots of events for kids and lots of coffee and goodies for the adults.

Part of the kids massive haul.

Most years my wife and I lock ourselves in the bedroom and search the candy for dangerous and or poisons. Mainly stashing some of the best stuff for ourselves. We should get some benefit for walking all over town with the kids. But this year, we figured all of the candy was beyond safe.

Except for lots of rain towards the end, it was a very nice Halloween. I recall many freezing, snow filled Halloweens while growing up in Wyoming.

With many daze of no school coming up for any of us with kids----I take a minute to mention all of the craft kits that Wal- Mart has to offer. Many are very reasonable--and most are pretty cool. The above --- our boys and I did. And it makes two catapults. Complete with ammo and targets. And lots of stickers to decorate. But they have lots of other choices also.

We also got several gingerbread house kits. Something we do every year. I will think about listing some of our other traditions, as it actually gets closer to Christmas.

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