Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chuckanut Ridge

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               Hello All!! Thank you once again for being a reader of this page! I have many ideas and new concepts for this page. And really am working on making it a fun and informative sight for all who live in Whatcom or wish to visit the area. Between work and three kids, my free time is almost non existent, so new posts have been forming in my head much faster than actually making it online. Also my family and I have been having a very tough time with a little thing that usually vanishes closer to Christmas time, called customer service. So I have been writing letters to companies and such. More on that fun very soon, but all the bad service makes me want to bring back my concept of show casing a local business or a few of them. I have mentioned many such business in past blog posts, and I thank each of them for going beyond what seems to be the new norm of crappy service.
Anyways, boring story-short, I am skipping over my post about our soggy Halloween night and exploring Chuckanut Ridge today. Because I really want to share some of these pictures, and because I can not locate some of my Halloween pictures at the moment. ;)

Just off of State Street. I love this sculpture--and the views of the bay, and trails are amazing!

I have posted about this area in past blogs. And I always enjoy the views and hikes. On this day I had some free time, before it got dark. And was very surprised at how early darkness fell on me. I am usually at work when the sun sets. Soon I hope to re-visit the entire Chuckanut road --and have lots of pictures. But at the moment that is on a very long to do list. If you have any great exploring pictures you would like to share. Or would like to view all of my pictures, thoughts, coffee love, rambling, and gain access to both of my blogs---please visit my new Facebook sight at Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

As you zig zag up this great road, just past the flashing yellow lights for a wide curve, is a one way road that turns into a parking area. I first stopped here to explore a little.
You soon can hit some trails leading to Teddy Bear Cove--- a place I have before posted about. I walked down the roadway towards Woodstock Park. Please note: The roadway is very narrow here with limited sight distance for drivers, so keep an eye out if you choose to walk on the roadway. Many people choose to bike this same road, so most drivers are already watching ahead.

Above the tree line:

As you wander--see how many islands you can spot.

I have always thought having a family picnic/camp out on one of the islands would be a great day. And way to get away from it all for awhile.

Also see how many ships you can spot.

I think I spotted eight ships in the distance during the short time I was out.

One of the many very neat tress along the way.

And a great place to sit and think.

Or just enjoy the view.

Just to the left---is a panoramic view of the bay.

With every step --that day--- a new picture opportunity arose.

Tracks leading into Bellingham.

Just to the left is Teddy Bear Cove

To the right--some huge houses with amazing views, and deep, sticky, smelly, black mud.

This whole area offers some great exploring and wildlife viewing.

*Again see my past posts for more information*

One more shot as I head back to the car.

I than venture up to the boat launch -just before Larabee State Park.

The park service has life vests here that you can borrow, just in case you picked up an extra boater.

Again -I was very pleased to see a full rack of life vests.

Meaning --all borrowed, were returned for the next user!

View to the left--- towards the park.

View to the right.

Not only was darkness rolling into the area, but also a storm was brewing.

I love how the sun rays are coming down in this picture.....

And one last shot for the day

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