Saturday, November 17, 2012


      Good morning!   As you wait for more updates on this page, please do not forget to check out some great pictures on my newest blog sight at      This very sight you are on now, also has 350+ blog posts to roam.  Full of exploring, coffee love, random rambling---and maybe most importantly---NO Christmas music! ;)

           **"Someone keeps putting vegetables in the beer crisper drawer of the fridge!"**

                   "**Money does not solve problems---but it could solve my money problems!!"**

This is exactly how all of my blogs are written!!

     In case you did not get the memo---Twinkies will no longer be made soon.   So go stock up--- lucky for you, they have a 50 year shelf life!   Do not become like the above actor -who searches for Twinkies during the entire movie, Zombie Land. 

So-I always post pictures of roses and such. 
Beautiful and in there prime. 
But outside beauty fades and withers. 
So make sure and work on your inner beauty every day!

On my drive to work, the local radio stations tend to talk much more than play music. 
Late at night when I return home, they seem to only play very slow, elevator music, not helping me stay awake.  But it does tend to stray from the six usual songs on there rotation.  I believe we have more music Cd's than the local radio stations.  
The biggest announce of the local stations, is when they stop playing music after every song, to announce an hour block of continuous music.  It is not continuous if they keep stopping to tell us they are playing lots of songs!   Anyways-the other day one of the stations was talking about if it was to early to start playing Christmas music.  And they opened the argument up to there Facebook page.   Two of the biggest posters on the subject, started to hit on each other.   So maybe they will not be alone for the holidaze.   

**"Greeeeat job of voting Washington---- Hhahahahahha that's written in sarcasm script .com."**

More on the election soonish---but I am really enjoying not hearing about it all for now.

Homer Simpson is always deep---just like myself...

So our youngest has a ton of energy. 
It goes with being eight.  
If I had even half his energy, I could hold three full time jobs. 
Anyways, me and him and his best bud, are going to start jogging soon. 
We got a map of all of the local trails.
And will be logging our miles and exploring. 
And than our son and his friend are going to co-write a picture filled blog!
This and many other up dates in the works.

Fair warning---I found many old pictures, and will be posting them soon.
You can tell this was awhile ago, not only because of the date stamp on the side of the picture. 
But because the kiddos are still shorter than my wife and I!
We are both vertically challenged for sure. 
Anyone in the Bellingham area-know were this picture was shot??

And lastly for today....

I am in deep thought for more posts in both blogs!
Stay tuned.

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