Friday, November 2, 2012

Sun Set Favorites

Writers note:
This is another blog post first published 11/2/2012 on my other sight. All about exploring Bellingham, Washington and Whatcom county. This marks post #56 to the new sight. Please share the links if you enjoy what you see!!

The sun is such a rare sight this time of year--I try to capture it in as many pictures as possible. So I can enjoy the sight of it, all winter long. I believe the best sun rise I have ever witnessed was several years ago when we still lived in Arizona. Land of the sweating sun. After finding out that my wife had never seen the Grand Canyon, we ditched the kiddos with Nana, and took off in the middle of the night. I had a camper topper on the back of my pick-up, and we spent a very chilly night cuddled up to each other. Way to early in the morning, we joined the masses- and took a short walk. Witnessing the sun rise over this already beautiful place was beyond amazing. I can not describe it in words or pictures. I took some pictures, but they do not even start to give justice or credit to the sights we witnessed.

Because I do not function well in the morning, before many cups of coffee, most of my pictures are of sun sets!

Today I wish to share some of my favorites. Mostly from near the bay. Because on a clear evening the views beat any show on television for sure! The first few I would like to share --are not from Bellingham----for shame--I know! But I find them very kool. They were shot in my hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming. For the many of you that have no clue were Wyoming is, it is the large, empty, snow-filled, square---in more ways than one, state directly below Montana. Every one knows were Montana is! Anyways, I recently spent some time there --- with my family.

This is actually in the town cemetery.

I was roaming around town -- taking pictures-

and got this great shot.

Very soon after, it started to pour down rain.

This one is over some random persons roof.

It almost looks like a painting to me.

I am thinking about posting the exploring blogs I posted on my other sight, while living in Wyoming, on this sight. I try to deal with the ever beautiful Bellingham area, but this sight is also all about exploring. Please let me know your thoughts on this! Easily leave comments or check out both of my blog sights on my Facebook page.....

Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

And now back to Bellingham!

Blaine, Washington

Down by the board walk is the place to be --come sun set!

Plus there is a walk up coffee shop near-by.

These were shot on the 4th of July

while waiting for the fireworks to start......

Roaming around the Fairhaven Terminal

Marine Park

I love this tree!

I have so many pictures of this tree--now I just need a fall picture and a snow picture.

Next post ---- Soggy Halloween!!

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