Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fairhaven & Beyond!!

Writers note:
This is another blog post first published 10/31/2012 on my other sight. All about exploring Bellingham, Washington and Whatcom county. This marks post #55 to the new sight. Please share the links if you enjoy what you see!!

At the moment my family and I live in Fairhaven. It is a wonderful place to call home. We will be joining the masses of lil goblins and such--and trick or treating the town tonight. The town also offers many great views and pictures! MANY of my past blog posts start in this town. Please spend this rainy day reading a few. And than post comments on my new Facebook page. All thoughts help me improve!! Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

Just across from the first picture is this great church.

The mountain in the back ground has been calling to me.

I need to explore it soon!!

Busy spider---just down from our house.

A few local fall color shots.

More coming soon!!

On this day I than ventured down State Street

taking a left after Boulevard Park.

And parked by the water.

It always amazes me that the water is deep enough for this ship to be right off of downtown.

I first walked up the road to the bike/walk trail that leads back to Boulevard Park.

In the above picture you can just make out the same ship framed by weeds.

I believe this old building is now apartments.

To me it looks like an old castle.

Back down to the ocean view and the parking lot.

This has recently been added to the landscape.

I had to wait awhile to get a picture with no one sitting on the tall wood chair.

The water is super clear here.

And the coast line offers lots to explore.

My new buddy.

Next we explore my favorite local sunset pictures!

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