Friday, October 26, 2012

Good Day

     Good morning all!    We recently had a big jump in our rent prices, so decided to cut our home phone and cable from the bills.  With cell phones and Netflix it really was a big waste of cash.  And the company was so worried about keeping some of our cash each month, that they gave us a very good deal on just Internet service.   I must say, today was the first weeksend day we had no home phone service, and it was beyond nice to not wake up to the phone ringing at 7 AM.  With a dreaded telemarketer or in law on the other end of the line!

     The rest of the week I hope to post and promote my newest local blog sight.  All about exploring Bellingham Washington and Whatcom county.   Full of pictures and things to do and explore.   If you live in the area, or know someone that should visit here---PLEASE check out the sight, give me feedback, and than share the link.    

  **All local new sight needs more readers. MANY new pictures and posts in the works! Please check it out & give me feedback.**

   I am coming very close to working four months at my current job.  And I love it!   More on all of this in a future blog post.   I would just like to touch on "sympathy hires" real quick.  Every work place has them.   The worker that is not allowed to wear there helmet to work, but maybe really should.   I am sure there is a way more PC term for this worker, but I call them as I see them.  If you look around your place of work, and do not see anyone that takes 40 minutes to bus one table, or tries to fill drink cups--with the cups upside down, or is kept in the back room most of there shift---you just might be the sympathy hire ;)   I work at a casino on an Indian reservation and as many times as I might try to claim being a lil bit native-- am 0% native.  In fact from living in Washington so long, I am Casper the ghost white.   So I often describe myself  as the token white boy at work, to provide the work place with it's quota.   This may be wrong, but it entertains me, and isn't that all that really matters?
       A few weeks back the casino hosted a banquet for many of the local tribal members.  The food looked beyond good, or I was just extra hungry.  And I was trying to figure out a way to sneak into the meeting.  With out offending anyone, of course.  In an effort to keep my job, I will not share many of my ideas here.   I will say that after informing several co-workers that I was part Indian----they responded with lots of laughing.   This hurt my feel goods.   And I than tried to convince them that I was part of the dying out Chip A Hoy tribe.   Dying out because diabetes, I believe it is.  Some how this did not help my cause any, and boring story short, I did not get to join in for the feast or meeting. 

    All of this rambling makes me think about one of my favorite holidaze----Turkey Day!!
Living so close to the boarder of Canada---Aye, we just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving at the casino.   It was on our Columbus day in fact.  I have not had the time to Google all of this, because I feel that Google is evil and knows to much.  BUT how does Canada even have Thanksgiving??   Columbus and his motley crew did get lost, but they did not discover the country way up North, Aye--they discovered America.  I think they just wanted yet another holiday to add to there super long list.   I was OK with all of this, because the buffet at work turned into turkey dinner with all of the fixins' and the leftovers ended up in the break room for all of the workers to enjoy and be thankful for. 

Hey look it is coffee-30!!
Below is my kind of statistics!.....
                     Are these picture books---or how does that work??
                      Don't forget to get out and vote---and than enjoy cocktails!!

    Doing things in the reverse order could be dangerous to our countries health.

                                           Were is this button on my computer?????/

    I have been workin' on many new pictures for new posts up the wazoo!  

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