Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Midnight-So Hello October!

    Fall is here in full force.  And as more leaves change---I will be adding some new pictures.   The above picture is from right down the street in front of the Amtrak station in Fairhaven.  Of course I have better pictures.  But the colors have not hit there full peak yet.   Speaking of local--

     This is about 100 feet from our apartment parking lot, but once again shows what time of the year it is.   Can anyone around Bellingham tell me great places to get fall pictures?   I am borrowing a super nice camera right now, and have mostly decided that I need a new camera.  But many other things are needed for our household before that.   So I will take full advantage of the borrowing.  And already have enough pictures for several blog posts.   Mainly in my newest blog series  just about Bellingham and Whatcom county.

   At the moment the above picture, is my favorite fall picture.  It was takin' in Wyoming.  Yes it is still a state.  For the MANY of you that do not know, Wyoming is the square state below Montana.  Everyone knows were Montana is.  And Wyoming is square in more than one way!   I also like this picture because you can just make out my dad in the left hand corner.

   But buck up---soon this will be your view also.  It is already snowed in the hills in Idaho several times.  

Speaking of Wyoming, my home high school, just had there home coming. 
Here is a great shot someone else took.  
Go Rams!!

**"It's hard to write a good drinking song, I can never make it past the first few bars."**

  This bring us to my picture of the day!   Please hold your applause until you actually see the picture.  Or until you meet me in person.  The name of this section, needs work for sure.  But it kind of explains itself.  I showcase a recent picture I have takin' and tell a little bit about it.  

       This started out as a mess up that I was going to throw in the trash bin.  But after enlarging the picture, and looking at it more, I started to like it more.  And now think it is beyond a kool picture.  This is around Boulevard Park.  And through the trees you can just make out the great boardwalk and the bay beyond.   Blurry but still very attainable.  Like many of our life goals.  

  A view of the entire boardwalk in case you have never witnessed it first hand.  

In case you missed the news, or the day, Saturday was National coffee day!  
I celebrate the brown liquid every day.  And was going to fill this post about it's wonders, but figure any reader of mine already knows.  

   We could do worse, and we already have many times before.  Done worse that is.  

Check the next garage.

I know I always look betterer the more my wife drinks.  But leave it to Target to not be blunt

;)   And I like his sign!!

    I share this because it is beyond kool, and because Christmas is coming up.....
 My similar example came when we lived in Arizona.  Our youngest son fell out of a 2nd story window and was air vaced to Phoenix for medical help.  Long story short, the local newspaper got most of the account wrong.  And mainly said they were not sure if anyone was watching the 2 year old.  We called Fox news and they agreed to get the real story from us.  During filming our son had a t shirt on that said "I do all my own stunts!"

  I have mentioned this before, but I hate Web MD like web sights.  
My wife types in several symptoms and soon learns she is dying.  Not 80 years from now, were all dying because we are living, but dying with 80 hours.   Actually dying is on the list of possible ailments.  Being pregnant is usually the first choice--when I try the sight. 

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