Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week In Review

Although I try and post more exciting bits of our exploring around the area, between work and having three kids, and just life--we are just not getting out as much right now. So for those little adventures around Bellingham I try to do a week in review. My next post will be about our family's great train ride several months back. I try to keep posts up to date, but have been failing on this.

Early in the week we learned that the corn maze had opened up near the big city of Lyndan. We did not learn that it was only open on weekends this time of year. And the whole sight was closed and very dark. I tried to convince the kiddos that if they were quiet enough they could do the maze for free by the light of our cars headlights, but they were not game. After looking at the web sight, and how big this maze looks, I hope to soon return when the maze is actually open, and have more to tell about the trip.

The above is not the big corn maze. It is part of the garden in front Hill Crest Chapel. Were a large car show was recently held. With proceeds going to the youth programs.

Another part of the garden.

I have always really enjoyed sun flowers

Two of the kids checking out there future mode of transit.

The many trophies up for grabs.

My personal favorite was this old pick-up.

Of course there was also lots of food and activities for all!

Across from the church is this great tree. I hope that we do not see an early freeze, because I believe the colors will be amazing this fall!

I am borrowing my step moms very nice camera at the moment. It is so nice, I am almost afraid to touch it. In fact so far I have only takin' one picture with it. This is mostly because of my busy schedule. Over the next few days, I am actually going to explore with the camera. So you will soon see my results. Unless they are really bad. I am mostly thinking using the camera will make me want to upgrade mine soon.

Speaking of in-laws. I learned yesterday that 80% of our significant others and our parents have the same eye color. So your mom and dad most likely have the same eye color as your wife and or husband. The result did not explain this, but I am thinking because we search out mates that remind us of our parents, with the qualities and such>?

I personally believe the only thing that should taste like pumpkins is pumpkins and pumpkin pie. But in light of the season thought I should post this picture. Especially since I am sitting in a Starbucks typing this post. Sipping coffee, OK--guzzling coffee. For local Bellingham exploring please check out my newest blog series at  http://exploreb-ham.blogspot.com/  Our very old bed has become beyond uncomfortable and my wife and I really do not get any sleep. Plus get the benefits of waking up with sore backs and sore everything else. We went bed shopping last week and ended up at DeWaard and Bode the appliance/bed store up by The Home Depot and Dennys. I give a huge kudos to our clerk--Jeff. He took tons of time to professionally help us and pick a bed perfect for us, not perfect for his sales quota. He actually knew what he was talking about and went out of his way to attempt to get us payments on the bed. And than he sent us a thank you card in the mail this week.  Great service for sure! I have often rambled on about how no one actually knows how to do there job. Call any service help-line or visit most stores in this town, and you will see what I am talking about. When I have free time, I enjoy asking cashiers to actually count my change back to me, instead of placing the lump sum in my hand. A good 90% can not actually count the change back. I must say it was awesome to find such a great worker! Although we ended up spending a lot for a bed, it is beyond comfortable. And we are now ruined, after resting on it in the store, to be un-comfortable until we get the bed delivered.

Fall also marks that snow is just around the corner.

I will prepare to sleep on the couch now, for when my wife sees this picture posted.


One always has time to make snow angels!

**"The cops never think it is as funny as you do!"**

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