Thursday, September 20, 2012

Today Is A Day

    I have posted this before, but I am going to tweek the drinkin' song "red Solo Cup" and call it "White Solo Cup"  all about the joys of my favorite morning pick up!

    **"I am beyond sick of dead beats that won't git a job, complaining about there money issues. So sick of it, we just bought a $1300 bed, so we can sleep through ALL of your sob stories, Mitches!"** —  I have randomly been complaining about most of our neighbors --who are for the most part huge leaches on society.  And I smell a new "mini rant" about the topic in the future.  If you have not enjoyed any of my rants in the past, mini as they may be, please check them all out!  We have three children and a very fixed income, but we earn the money we do have.  Why do people keep asking us for hand outs?  Why are these people not working?  Even crazy people can keep jobs, just look at me!  Our bed right now-I can not wait to burn--  it is beyond un-confortable.  And we wake up beyond sore every morning.  And finally, my wife and I are in the process of making the word "Mitches" more widely used.  So far we are highly failing on this project.  It stands for my b*tch, and if nothing else is very fun to say.  

    If you have Facebook, first I am sorry--because you waste so much time on the dam sight.  Deny all you wish, you know you do.   While you are on the sight, please check out my newest page.  It is super great if I do say so myself!  
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      Not even close to the time to actually vote for the next president, and you are more than sick of politics??   Hopefully these posts help you out a lil bit...

  **" $11.00+ for 3 egg mcmufffins WTF? No wonder I never git around to having breakfast at the grease pit AKA Mcdonalds.-------So the other morning I was actually up early enough to enjoy breakfast from the fast food giant.  I like there breakfasts, but they start serving Mc burgers at 10 30, and I work nights, so I rarely have there breakfast.   Anyways, I ordered three of the great Mcmuffins, and thought it was a ring in error, when I was asked for 11 dollars and some change.  I did not even order the combos it was just the breakfast sandwiches.   On a betterer note, my wife and I snuck off for a few hours without the kiddos last night, and ate a very great breakfast at Denny's!  Actually it was Brinner.   Breakfast at dinner time. 

     In case you did not git the memo, yesterday was national talk like a pirate day.  Arrrrgggh!   
No really it was.  If you missed it, feel free to start talking like a pirate now. 

   If you do not remember these---you can stop reading any time now.    But this is just another example of things, like Americans that are becoming super-sized!  The new Fisher Price people are much bigger and rounder.  

I posted the above challenge on my Facebook page last night.   
Here are a few of the responses it received.  
I can't wait for more

  • beer and pregnancy test
    Vinegar and an enema kit!
    Jack Daniels and bullets
    dog whistle and a razor
    Prep H and Depends!
    soap on a rope and male enhancement pills
    ex lax and brownie mix?
    Pregnancy test and baseball bat

    Another challenge is you could get a whole cart of the worst items...ex lax, diapers, Drano, rubber gloves, a plunger, tampons,etc...then get in the longest line and "say can we please hurry or it ain't going to be pretty" and see what happens!

    If all of this makes you want to roam the isles of Wally World, in search of more items to freak out your cashier---please share your finds. 

    And lastly check this out----every couch potatoes dream!
    The Popinator       
    look it up on Google or your search sight---and watch the video about

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