Sunday, September 23, 2012

    I have posted this before, but believe it is true!   Or maybe it's wonderful cheese cake that fixes everything.  Our oldest son just got his own Facebook page---now he will know for sure how twisted his parents are.  Mostly because we are 50% of his friends at the moment.  It's a new page.  Anyways, he loves pie, I believe that is his quote on Facebook right now.  "I like pie!"  And I posted the above picture on his page-which is thinks is beyond kool!

    Hello all!   I had another busy but profitable weekend at work, and am still winding down and trying to become sleepy.  Since these blogs seem to boar everyone, I figured writing one, would surly put me to sleep!  Although since someone, possibly me, put rum in my Pepsi, I really am not very tired.    

      This has been one of those months were I am really slacking at posting.  I have tons of ideas and post ideas for both blogs.  And some day I will use some of them.  At the moment it is 1 30 in the A.M.  so we will not get very deep today.   PLEASE also check out my newest blogs---- also with MANY new posts in the works ---- I will pause while you check out the sight!   People often ask me what this blog series is about--- Yes they do.   And I would have to say it is normally about ten paragraphs.  Give of take 5 paragraphs.  Lately is seems to be about coffee an awful lot.  Which makes me re-think my sleeping habits just a little bit.  But not to much, since I am still up and going strong.  Working nights throws off ones sleep schedule rather quickly.  Add in three kids, who love to have sleep overs, and do not understand sleeping in, and you can start to realize why I enjoy coffee so much!  Please also check out my Facebook page.  It needs more likes for sure!   And has direct links to both of my blogs, lots of jokes, and pictures, and a ton about coffee!  
Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

    I posted this game in my last blog.   With some responses I have seen so far.   Have any new ones for me?  Please comment on my page if you do.  After 8 years with the company, I am always into games and such that annoy the workers.  Although I have to say the best thing I got from working there, was my wife.  Rather she got me, she was the one hitting on me.  We both worked at the Bellingham Wally World when we meet.  And a very long story short in October it will be seven years of off again on again dating.  She repeatably tries to return me at the return desk, since she got me at the store, but they say--"no deal!"

    **"So close to Halloween---Look I am already wearing my mask! Worse part of fall---everything you by is pumkin flavored. Halloween also marks 7 years of knowing April ;)"**

                                                       When life gives you lemons!

                                                  Exactly------write that down.

  Do you think it would be a good thing or bad thing to get pulled over by this crew?    When answering have you seen this movie or not?

Back to the lemon talk--sorry

I currently work at the Silver Reef Casino, and love it.
This is a shot of the new addition being worked on.  
Many of us can't wait till it's open.  
With fall just starting today, and rain every day all day in the forecast, they are working over time to get the addition done.

And now some more about coffee!  
I believe I could do another full blog just with coffee pictures.  I have done a few already.  Many of them have ended up on my Facebook page.  I gave the addy above.  Feel free to steal any or all of them.  

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