Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Week Of Exploring

    On 9-12-2012 I pause briefly to discuss the huge event and loss of lives years back.  I know that it is a day every one reading this will never forget.  And you know exactly what you were doing when you first heard the news.  I was skipping work, and lazily turned on the news. This news woke me up very quickly.  I hope if nothing else with this event, and many recent events--you try to live every day to it's fullest, and hold your loved ones extra close every night.    Many years ago, we took a week long family trip to New York.  And I have been inside one of the former Trade Center buildings.  I even have some post cards with the buildings still a definitive spots in the landscape.  I can't imagine how local residents feel, even now to not see the tall buildings ever again. 

       I had a complete brain fart yesterday as my wife and I were running errands.  As we pulled up to the kid's school, I asked, a little annoyed, "Why the flags were at half mast once again"  It seems like so many bad things have happened this year, and the area flags are almost never flying high.   Just after I finished saying the above sentence, I had one of those moments were I actually slapped my own forehead.  And was more than glad that my wife was the only other person in the car.   She is already more than aware of my ever increasing blond moments.  

    This great tribute is in New Jersey.  In honor of 9-11.  Gifted from Russia to the U.S. after 9-11.   I had never heard of this before, but thanks to Facebook, now we all have.  This one almost brings a tear to my eyes.  

    Some what related--I would like to share from the church bulletin Sunday.   We attend a great church in Fairhaven.  Hill Crest Chapel right off Old Fairhaven Parkway.  The first time I visited the church, newly moved back to Washington, the sermon seemed to speak directly to me.  Anyways, this Sundays sermon was all about choices.  The pastor even read out of "The three little pigs" children's book.   Full of bad building choices.  Maybe this list can -placed in the right place in your home or Bible, can help you choose the right path each and every morning.  

                                     **Today I choose --(Thanks Hilcrest Chapel)**

  *Depending on God *Comfort from God *Humility *To desire God *Graciousness toward others *Purity *Peace with others *Calmness when accused falsely *Being flavorful and bright to others * Not to judge or remain angry with others *Not to take what is not mine *Faithfulness to my spouse *To say "yes" or "no" and do it *Living generously and not keep tabs * Giving generously and privately *To talk with my holy Father *To ask Him to do only what he can do *Asking for His provision, protection, leading and forgiveness *To refrain from focusing on my needs and direct my attention to others *Treasuring what God treasures *Loving what God loves *Trusting instead of worry *Speaking first Jesus' Kingdom and not mine *Building up and not tearing down *Again and again to ask and seek from my Father in heaven

    Speaking of Hill Crest---they are having an car show this Sunday in the main parking lot.  This fundraiser supports the youth ministries.  And you can view all the cars from 8-2.  I hope to see many of you there!

Last week I also had time for a few mini- exploring adventures.  
Trips that do not warrant a full blog post. 
This evening we are venturing out near Lyndan to conquer the corn maze.
And of course I will have tails and pictures to share.

Earlier in the week our oldest son was out of town with his aunt. 
My wife and our daughter were having a girl's day at the dreaded mall.

Leaving our youngest and I to fend for our manly selves. 
We ended up at the new kiddo play zone off the Guide Meridian.

     This place is great!   The entire place has a pirate theme.  In fact there are several full sized pirates around the super large building.  Lots of affordable kids games are also inside.  And a large eating area complete with many tasty looking food choices.  I say looking, because the only item I sampled this day was the coffee.  It was very good!  The eating area has a great view of the Guide.  A local street that never sleeps, so always something to watch.

                           Free wi-fi is also offered in the eating area for the parents.  

   Something I took advantage of while sipping on my coffee.   While using mommy and daddy's new toy, our new I-pod.  This is a great place, and I hope it sticks around for a long while.  It seems like all of the local activity zones, soon jump up there prices or go out of business.  A full prize counter is near the exit because all of the games give out tickets.  These can be turned in for prizes.  Every child gets prizes, if they won any games or not!    We will defiantly return.   Need further motivation to visit?.....

This is just some of the tickets he won this fine day.

    Last week ---also up Fairhaven Parkway, towards I-5 and across from AM/PM.  A gas station with MANY coffee choices, and punch cards that require only 3 beverage buys before you get a free drink.  This co-op store just opened.  We visited last week.  It is very large and set up well making shopping easy.   I some how bent my car key and wanted to buy a new key before it got stuck in the ignition or something equally as not fun.  The workers had never made a key before on the stores new equipment, but eagerly accepted the challenge.  The first try did not work in our car, but they insisted I try the key before buying it.   And quickly called in back up, and fixed the situation on the next attempt. 

    Our sons and I also had a quick hike around Sunset Pond.  I have passed this park many times, but had before never stopped to check out the area.  I will say that with ALL of the great parks this area has to offer, this one is not great at all.   It is a good place to wear out the dog.  And the views of the pond are beautiful.  

                                              Max ready to drive us home!

  Right across from the above storage units and old fire truck, you can find parking. 

  Many trails surround the area.  Complete with mini wooden walkways to keep you out of the mud.   

                 But most in this area seem to lead to homeless camps.

   Which brings me to ponder-----**"Do homeless people think we are making fun of them, when we go camping?"**

   **I just saw two homeless men hitting each other over the head with pieces of cardboard. ----Pillow fight?**

    Today's helpful hint:   If you come across a Banana Slug while exploring.   Do not jump on them as fun as it may look, you can not get the slime off of your shoes for weeks.  And the slime sticks to everything you walk on during this time. Besides it is beyond mean to the slug.   Just sayin'!
   Lastly for today---mostly because your attention span is wearing thin.   And some because I am running out of coffee.   The other day the kiddos and I got out and explored one of my favorite local parks.   Great Falls Park.   I have posted about this area several times.  Please check those out!   Today I have some new pictures

   The water is very low, but still offers some great views and picture opportunities.  

                                                           I love this park!

   We picked another day with lots of sunshine!    The clouds have been amazing locally almost every day.  Git out there and check them out.   After you read six of my blog posts of course!
                                            This day we started by the fish ponds.   
    We brought along a loaf of bread.  And enjoyed watching the fish fight over the balls of bread.  One observing couple was overly amazed that fish like bread.   I must add here--that you should not feed the fish bread.  "Ranger Rick" I am not sure of his real name, stopped by to ask us not to feed any more bread.  Apparently it is not a main staple for wild fish.  But neither are worms, and fish will get caught to eat one of those juicy treats.  But we stopped right away, and moved further into the park to feed the ducks.  

Usually this pond is full of ducks.  But today it only housed four ducks.  
Four ducks that got feed very well!

The above picture is all reflections in the pond water. 

                                                       Hike wear for sure!?

  I have tons of blog posts in the works for this page.  Please share the link if you enjoy what you see.   And check out my other blog series at 
    A post coming very soon   tells all about our great trip on an 100 year old train.   Full of thoughts and pictures of course.  Above I am enjoying the ride.  And trying to sound like a train whistle!    Thank you for being a reader!!

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