Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cornwall Rose Garden/Beauty By The Bay!!

Writers note:
This is another blog post first published 10/31/2012 on my other sight. All about exploring Bellingham, Washington and Whatcom county. This marks post #54 to the new sight. Please share the links if you enjoy what you see!!

Good morning folks!! I have previously posted about wonderful Cornwall Park. This park offers some great play areas, trails, and picture opportunities. It joins the ranks of the many awesome parks in this area. And is currently my third favorite local park. Whatcom Falls park, *also posted about twice, now*---- and than Boulevard Park are my top favorites at the moment. I plan to publish an entire post just about local parks. But there are a ton of them around.

One of the many mini trails around Cornwall Park.

In this picture I am very happy because I have chips!

Why sit in the house?? Some of the best local exploring can be done in the rain!!

During the winter one can not wait for the rain to go away.

On these days--yes only a little over a week ago, it was actually sunny and bright outside!

Hard to imagine or recall as I sit here watching it down pour outside.

In my roaming -I ventured further down the road to the

beautiful Cornwall Rose Garden.

On this day the flowers were in full bloom!

I have since heard that in the middle of the night---

One can hold a flash light up to a flower for a few minutes--turn off the light

And than capture an awesome night shot.

But have not yet tried this.

Great tree on the out-skirts of the park.

Than it was time to venture to the bay! When is it not time to explore the bay>?
**Again -I have posted many times of bay trips and it's beauty, Please check these past posts out. Today, some new pictures!

This statue stands proud tribute to all of the sailors that never made it back home to there families. It is also amazingly hard to get a picture of, with out random people in the shot!

This boat will make it home safe and sound!

The view is amazing from every angle---no matter the weather.

Looking over the big city!
Mostly of WWU.

On a clear day-- you can also get some great views of Mt Baker.
Better shots of the mountain are on my To do list.
It is amazing to me how few days you can actually see the top of the mountain.

Three of the greatest buildings in Bellingham.

Calm water behind the Bellwater Motel.


As Always

**Happy Trails!!**

Next exploring......

Any guesses??

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