Saturday, October 20, 2012


       As we get ever closer to Halloween, I still do not know if I will be spending the night at work or at leisure, with our three kids, terrorizing the fair city of Fairhaven.  Some people might say, I am always wearing my Halloween mask!  I am trying to hold off buying my costume, until I know if I will be at work or not.  There are so many costumes that just are not appropriate while serving food somehow.  I did not ask for the night off, but it is my usual night off from work.  Sadly the newest work schedule, only posts what we work through the 28th of October, not helpful.   I hope to get some pictures at the Bay View Cemetery before Halloween.  With some gloomy shots to add to the days creepiness.  This should be easy to accomplish with the great weather turning to gray and rain.  I have been greatly slacking on taking pictures though.  And making new posts on both of my blogs.   Some how I don't feel like posting when I get off work at midnight.   Hopefully this will change soon. 

 Until I get motivated, please check out and share other posts in this blog series.  There are now over 300 to roam through.   And my newest blog series is always itching for new readers----       Enjoy ;)

  This time of year you really do not have to ask what the weather will be like in the Great North West.  If you do ---you are new to the area and do not yet have your webbed feet!  You probably also carry an umbrella around.  True residents do not ever carry umbrella's.  I grew up in Wyoming were the report just says snow every day for about six months.   So compared rain is awesome!  If you are new to the North West above is the weather report from about October till May or so.
Don't forget your rubbers when it's wet.
     What surprises me is how few people can drive when it is raining.   The other day everyone seemed to be going 45 MPH down I-5.  Except for the Canadians who were either driving 25 MPH or 88, Aye!   The first storm of the season washes around all of the oils and such on the roads, and it really is slick, but after that it is just rain folks.   Get used to it before the "snow" hits.   I put snow in comas, because we never really see that much snow here.
    One can still accomplish some great hikes in the rain.   You just have to be prepared to come home soaked and watch your footing on the trail!
    October also bring my wife and I to 7 years of knowing each other.  This is beyond a long time.   And even through the really bad times, I am thankful every day to wake up by her side.  Or at least in the same house, when we are fighting, and someone gets the couch.   I love her more every day  and fall in love with her again each and every day.   But that is the way it's supposed to be.   Hopefully she can say the same.   More about our "anniversary" adventures very soon.  
**"The coffee is not kickin' in--hopefully it will before work!"**
Forget Starbucks, this is were I want to buy my coffee!!
Deep or not even close?

    I have talked about the Aztec calender and how we are all supposed to die this December before.  What gets to me is how this was brought up alllll the time last year, and now that we are very close to the date--we never hear anything about our fate.   Since the end *Dec 22nd* is just before Christmas, I would like to know more ---because why waste all of that cash on presents, if we will not be alive to open them on Christmas day?  
                                                    And lastly almost on topic.....
                                    You could enjoy some great fruit punch at the same time!

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