Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall in Fairhaven

The trees have just begun to shed there green shells and blossom in a radiant rainbow of colors. If we do not get a major freeze the colors should be beyond amazing. I am borrowing a super nice camera at the moment, so have been finding more excuses to get out and explore. Here is a taste of the fall beauty around Fairhaven! A town that like Bellingham, always offers to lend amazing sights daily.

I hope that if nothing else my pictures in each blog post will show my love for this town. I have moved back here five times now. And something, beyond my wife and our kids, keeps drawing me back. The sights are amazing, and my pictures do not even begin to do them justice. Kind of like trying to describe the Grand Canyon to someone that has never been there. Or take pictures of it---both I have tried and failed miserably at. Please share this pictures with friends that you wish to visit Whatcom county! And pass on my link if you enjoy what you see here.

This tree is right out our front door. And is a different shade each time we look out.

Just steps away from our parking lot, you start running into trails to explore and picture take.

I am a sucker for the color red----this tree is actually up on the WWU campus. Were we will explore once again in my next blog post.

I ventured up Old Fairhaven Parkway-- were lines of trees are slowly turning a brilliant red.

Close up.

In front of the Middle School is this great tree.

Not much greater than stomping through dried up leaves.

Soon my wandering took me down by the terminals.

Walk-way to Marine Park.

And lastly for this fine day, around Boulevard Park.

I always marvel at how the bay water is a different color every time I pass it.

I am going to keep this post short and sweet.

I hope you all have an awesome fall.

Grab lots of coffee and your favorite hoodie.

And sit down for some coffee with friends.

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