Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Week Of Exploring Bellingham!!

  Writers note:
   This is another blog post first published 10/30/2012 on my other sight.  All about exploring Bellingham, Washington and Whatcom county.   This marks post #53 to the new sight.  Please share the links if you enjoy what  you see!!

 In the next few days I hope to get some new fall pictures around the area. I have shared some of my favorites in recent posts past. But have a few more areas to explore before the wind claims all of the wonderful colors. I have heard the Mount Baker area is extra beautiful right now. I of course will have a full post about our family fun for Halloween. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! I would add a dry night to my wishes, but this is Washington, so good luck with that. Another post coming very soon will be full of local web sights that I use all of the time to learn about all the events happening in our area. I have many new concepts and posts in the works!

My next post will show case some of my favorite sunset pictures. Mostly dealing with the bay.

All personal shots of mine.

I am thinking about selling some of my better shots in greeting card form, locally.

To view more of my pictures --and express interest in this idea--please visit my Facebook page

and let me know if you would be interested in any.

Please click on the link, you know you want to!

Today's post is all about exploring in the last week or so. Events and trips that are note worthy or have offered some great pictures, but not worthy of an entire blog post of there own. I hope you enjoy! Last week we ventured down by the bay -a favorite place to explore for us all. Our youngest ended up getting covered in mud and than getting hurt, so it turned into a short trip. Luckily mom was home to offer a healing band-aid and a kiss or two! I managed to snap some great shots before we ventured home.

Mr Max instantly needed to explore the bay water.

I have tons of pictures of this tree.

Next I need a fall picture of it and some when the snow flies.

View from under the rail road tracks.

Some pictures as we roamed around the pond that slowly trickles into the bay.

Don't jump!

Great place to collect sea shells

We returned that evening in an attempt to get some sunset pictures.

But the sun quickly disappeared behind the mountains.

I have posted bay pictures many times before.
But here are some more for your enjoyment!

Again around the pond.....

I will post my favorite sunset pictures very soon.

Max on the lookout!!

Further up the trail

Rest time!


Kool find on State Street

Three of the tallest and perhaps coolest buildings in town.

Last week my wife and I had the privilege to join our youngest's class on a field trip to Mt Baker Theatre.
In the off and on five years that I have lived here, I have never been inside the theatre.

We along with many of the local grade school's enjoyed the first school performance of the season.

It was great. Sadly I did not take any pictures while in the building.

But it is an awesome building both inside and out.

And the performance was outstanding!

Lastly today I must brag that Halloween --tomorrow marks seven years of knowing my wife.

We will be focusing on the kiddos and "screening" there candy tomorrow.

We lock ourselves in our room and go through the candy and keep some of the best stuff.

Compisation for walking them all over town.

We did manage to sneak away last week on a night with no kids.

Were we enjoyed a great evening at the Silver Reef Casino.

The view from our room.

The huge new addition to the casino going in.

Sunset in Lummi

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