Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All Aboard!

    So several months ago our family loaded up for a short road trip to the Lake Whatcom Railway Museum in Acme, Washington.  This is a beautiful drive, but allow an hour just in drive time.  Google maps seems to be sending people in the wrong direction.  But there web sight and great page on Facebook has step by step directions, that get you right to the museum.   The pages are also full of more great pictures.  
Go Sea Hawks!!

This was a great day, enjoyed by all of us, especially our 
youngest, who loves trains!   

     Once we got to the area, we had some time to explore before our train ride. 

At the ticket booth. 
We are members of several discount clubs online.  And they sent us notice for tickets on the train
at deeply discounted prices.  But the ride is never very expensive, even at full price. 
Contact the museum before taking the drive, because many of the rides are over for the season.

A moment to take in the view.

The fog slowly lifted away and we were greeted with a very sun shine filled day for an adventure!

Several old relics to explore.

      Both while waiting for the train  to depart, and while enjoying the ride on other tracks.  

   Inside one of the huge main buildings is this old steam engine.  You can still climb up inside it and marvel at power these machines have.  And the view the engineers have.  And most importantly you can ring the bell a time or three. 

This classic bicycle just waits to be ridden down the rails.

                                                                 Almost boarding time!!

This classic steam engine is over 100 years old. 
It has since been converted for those living along the tracks and for those on the ride. 

Loaded and ready to go. 

The comfortable seats all with great views made the ride even better. 

Here I try to echo the train whistle!
Warning: this sound should not be made around train tracks.  Or by anyone over the age of  five. 
The above shirt should not be worn by anyone!

                                                               On board entertainment.

                                               The view from the back of the train.  

   You have lots of time to enjoy the view as the train slowly makes it's way down the tracks.  And many of the residents living close to the tracks, were full of smiles and waves when we passed by. 

After a brief pause to turn the train around, they stop for about half an hour.  
With time to explore or eat a snack.
Please note---no food is provided on this tour.  Or beverage.
There are simple but working restrooms at the rear of the train though.

Picnic under this terrific tree or venture a ways to a small water fall.

The kiddos can take this track car for a spin.

This was a wonderful day.  That I will always remember. 
And all of the workers were beyond friendly and knowledgeable.  
You can also take a 2nd train ride -for the same price.  But on this day we were needing to return home.
Mainly to get back to our dog before he destroyed our house to rebel being left alone.  

Any guesses were we venture in my next exploring blog post?

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