Thursday, October 25, 2012


     I pause in my typing and coffee consumption to view the sun.  Now that fall made it's about week long appearance, winter is here, and seeing the sun is now a rarity in The Great North West.  Perfect timing though, because today is the Jog-A-Thon at the youngest two kiddos school.  I would go into more detail on what that is, but the name kind of explains itself!   My wife and I were helping out today and with the entire process, but I got annoyed with the main leader, who still has no clue what my name is, and decided more coffee was in my future!

Above could also be a picture of me ---before my morning coffee.
Have you ever noticed how hard it is to make coffee in the morning,
mainly because you have not yet consumed any coffee?
I have been trying to eat a much healthier diet.
Trying is the key word.
For the most part I have noticed that my body is so shocked to consume healthy foods,
that it goes into major shock and I get sick.
OK  this is not entirely true, but is amusing.
I have decided I am in a shape, not good shape, but
a circle is still a shape!
I wonder if having to add the calories to the ordering menu at Mc-Donald's
has hurt there business any?  I do know for sure that the letters on the menu REALLY shrunk!
I was also surprised to learn that the pancake breakfast had like 220000 calories.  Give or take 2 zeros.   This makes the carton the pancakes come in far more healthy!
   **I gots Halloween off work to spend with the kiddos! Now what to dress up as?? And no--I am not already wearing my mask!"**

   We took a quick trip to Seattle yesterday---I will share more in my week re-cap for the other blog sight.   And there was a break in the rain long enough that we got to see the full shine of the Space Needle's new paint job.   In honor of turning 50 years old this year.  
I did not take the above moon picture, but it is super kool and it shows the new gold top!
Local residents have voted and the next paint job will be trees wrapped around the entire top.  Also  should be a great picture.  If not a super expensive canvas.
This is the Evergreen State and all.

    So along with all of the voting fun-- this year, Washington voters also "get" to vote about legalizing pot.  We have very mixed thoughts about this--in short the state will get tons in revenue but they will also have total control over the mess.  Plus I can easily see medical weed costs, for those few that really need it--benefit from it, is a better word choice, skyrocketing.  And just because our state would recognize it as legal, would the Federal government?   I think it is one more thing the government should stay out of.  But what do I know??   I do know that Oregon hippies will be beyond disgruntled if our state legalizes this year.  Because they have been trying to pass this for at least ten years, when I lived in Oregon.   Maybe the supporters in Oregon should set down there weed a little more often ;)  I have been having issues with You-Tube and my blogs---- but now dedicate the song "Because I was High" by Afro Man  to Washington voters, if the law passes.    Play it as we watch the states productivity magically decline.
Still trying to figure out who to vote for???
I am!
I believe everyone should vote.
But here in Washington it can get very discouraging. 
Beyond the political ads, fights, and "great" selection---
Washington polls are not even closed, by the time the TV newscasts select the presidential winner.
   I have written about many a cup of coffee and MANY a cup of Starbucks.   Above is a picture of a Starbucks fail.   With the van door open ---it shortens there name in a bad way for business!

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