Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black & Blue Friday!

             **"I have measured out my life in coffee spoons."**------   Is this so bad??

Right now my Monday's are my Fridays at work.
But I still like coffee!

    For more fun, during the holidaze, the isles get smaller and smaller---full of gifts.

      I have written about Black Friday before.  And it's mass ridiculousness.  We as a nation spend Turkey Day being thankful, and than go out in masses the very next day, and pound and trample each other for a $2.00 DVD, no one wants to ever watch.  This year saw an entire weeksend of shopping, wahoo!   This meant that families did not have to spend time together, and workers in the retail world were forced into the same fate. 

  I have worked at Wally World for eight Black Fridays--and can say that consuming massive amounts of coffee defiantly helps one deal with the masses!   My working daze usually included starting work at 4 AM.  I was not before aware that there was a 4 AM, but I try to learn something new every day.   I would prepare for the extra long day by just putting a straw in my coffee pot.   Pouring the entire coffee pot over your head is also advised.  It will wake you up super fast, and prepare you for the customer onslaught and possible beating you will receive all day long.   I am not going to go into the mass craziness much here today, you can go online and watch fights galore from Black Friday.  Most of the worse scenes are from Wally World stores again this year.  So congrats to those shoppers!  Being the most downloaded You-Tube videos, is your five minutes of fame!

    Working Black Friday as a server is possibly the worse day of the year.  Especially if you work  the breakfast shift.   All of your customers have been up all night, they are angry, many have black eyes, and they want to tell you about all the money they have spent.  Because they have spent all of that cash, saving cash, they do not have any left to actually tip you for serving them.  Today I start with a comical view of the crazy day.  And than I might throw in some war stories from my daze at Wally World.   I say war stories, because we really should have received hazard pay. 

                Just to put things in perspective, at least you were not this woman!  

Start planning now for next year.....

   **  The line in front of the retail store was amazingly large this Black Friday.  One man rolled up his sleeves, and started climbing over the crowd.  He made it quite a ways, before the crowd worked as a group, and shoved him to the end of the line, were he belonged.  He tried again, with more gusto.  But did not make it much closer to the door, before getting thrown to the ground.  One more attempt got him very close to the retail stores front door.  But alas, still he was moved to the back of the now even longer line.   "I am going to attempt this one more time, and if these people do the same thing, I am not going to unlock the store doors today!"  The store manager announced out loud.**

     Back in the days--when Wal Mart's actually closed, and were not all open 24/7 to be sure and suck all of the cash out of peoples pocket books, we would have lines wrapped around the store of shoppers ready for deals on Black Friday.  One year we reportedly had 4000 people at the front door.  The managers would unlock the doors and get the heck out of the way.  As the masses spilled in.    If you were a cashier, you could watch all the action from relative safety.  With the register as a buffer between you and the wild crowds.   

     Now the stores are open all of the time.  So people camp out and wait for the best deals to be wheeled out of the back of the store.  If you are one of these "shoppers" and I use that term loosely.   Make sure your key item is from electronics.  That way you can lounge and watch TV!   The furniture section is usually located across from electronics, so you can pull up a bean bag chair!  Don't knock it, these chairs are amazingly comfortable.  

     One year, last time the evil Furby was a super hot toy, that was the item everyone had to have. And of course each store got exactly 50,000 less than they needed to fill peoples shopping lists.  Anyways, at some point --while we workers were hiding in the the back of the store, we found an entire pallet of the evil toy.   We wheeled them to sporting goods, and paged out that we had found more of the "great" Furby.  None of us were expecting the huge crowd that showed up in the middle of sporting goods.  For added fun, a couple of us workers jumped on top of the sporting goods counter, and started chucking the toys into the large crowd.  It was great fun watching the customers maul each other.  Much like watching gals fight over the flowers at any large wedding.  Except that we got to experience this multiple times.  Later we got disciplined by management--but it was well worth it!  More Wally World stories soon!   I above use words like "evil" because the Furby is again VERY popular this year.   And my wife and daughter both want one.   ;)   Seems like any easy task, but they are as hard to find, as the orginal ones now are.

Next post---some thoughts on Turkey Day!
And of course lots of random rambling. 

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