Friday, November 9, 2012

Hello November!

        Hello All!  When I say all, I mean the 2.5 repeat readers I actually have.  Not the many people from Google that happen upon the sight, while scrolling for porn sights.  I guess I should not make fun of most of my reader base.  ;)   I have been overly busy lately and ignoring both of my blog sights.  But especially this one it seems.  Much of my efforts--if you want to call my random rambling an effort-- is going to my newest sight.  I have many ideas for the sight and many of them start with a much larger local reader base.  So if you live in Bellingham Washington, or dream of visiting the town, or just like great bay pictures---please take a look at the sight, and than pass on the link.  All about exploring Bellingham and Whatcom county. Pictures, thoughts, exploring. MANY more posts in the works. Please share the link if you enjoy what you see.
                                                  My next post on the above sight will be about our nice -than very soggy Halloween.  Than of course some more exploring with new pictures!

The above two pictures were just a few I captured a few evenings back.
While roaming up around Chuckanut Ridge.
I was impressed by the beauty, how many ships I saw in the horizon, and
by how early it was getting dark. 
These were all shot before 5 PM.
I will refrain today from talking about the elections and all of that fun--
But the next post will be mostly about just that. 

My wife says "yes!" to the above.
    Local gas prices have actually been falling.   But nothing like the prices pictured.

     Personally my worse "tip" was a hand written note on napkins about things I could have done betterer. OR the couple that cut out the newspaper classifieds and circled jobs they thought I would be better suited for. These were both in Wyoming were servers make $2.50 an hour so they live on your tips for sure! Your a single mom, I am married---but we have 3 kids to support!    But the above is beyond ridiculous. 

      And you thought you were going to read this whole post, without some reference to coffee!

    So on the first of the month-I decided that to many peoples posts on Facebook are to serious and gloom and doom.  Most of us really have great lives, and we still gripe about trivial stuff.  So I started posting something I am thankful for on my status every day.  This is day one----and something we are working on being more appreciative of as a family.....
     There are SO many reasons to be thankful all the time. But especially during the month we have Turkey Day! Besides everyone seems to post such negative stuff on FB. So every day this month---Something I am thankful for. **Today I am thankful for God's never ending forgiveness and love.**

   Ever receive past due statements and new credit card offers in the mail on the same day?
Extra points --if they are from the same credit card company!
       Maybe you are a poet----and were not currently aware of it?......

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