Thursday, February 9, 2012


                             **"Few more days, and I am semi-retired once again."**---I was told this couldn't be true, because there is no rest for the wicked!

                                             **"Fat people are hard to kidnap!"**

    As I left my cell phone charger last night, not getting home with it.  I noticed several things as the battery slowly died before my eyes.  First off I have noted before, I am way to dependant on my cell phone, as many of us probably are if we look at things truthfully.   Soon after moving back to Washington, I would love to take a week long family camp out, and leave all of my electronic devices.  I would bring my camera, so that I could post some blogs about the fun later.   But I fear that I would have to wean myself off of the cell phone, no because of calls, but because it gets me on dam Facebook.  I also soon noticed, that I get very few calls or texts.   My fiance knew the phone was dying, and didn't get a hold of me.  After walking across town to get my plug in this morning, I was a little surprised than just sad, that I had absolutely no texts or calls since the phone died last night.  O well life goes on.   Lastly with so much distance between me and my fiance, at last for 16 more days, I noticed how dependant I am on that long late at night last phone call.   It puts my whole body at ease.   And makes me happy all over.   The only thing better will of course be being there. 

     As the moving date nears, I can't believe how much preparation there is.   We have all five moved across country before, and of course there was a ton to get ready.  Usually we left under far from ideal circumstances, and rushed everything.   This time around, it is just me, and I live in one room.   So I had seen it going much smoother somehow.   Than I woke up I guess.   The main "malfunction" is that I am ready to be on the plane now, and  I keep finding myself doing all the packing and such.   With just over two weeks left here in this evil reality, most things can't actually be done until that last week.   To avoid much unpacking and such.   I have been counting down the days, soon will be counting down the hours.   And am a little more than thrilled that I have 7 actual work days left.   They are even keeping my count down up on the white board at work now.   More than possibly because most of my co-workers are counting down the days too!   I am more than sure they are throwing my going away party on the 25th.  For I leave on the 24th of this month.  :)

    And what is helping me get through all of this moving fun?   Coffee of course!    I have vowed to cut way back on my consumption once I move.   Now I have publicly.   In an attempt to cut back on my daily caffeine intake.  It is a drug also for sure.   But also to save my stomach.   I have been having lots of tummy problems lately, and I believe coffee has a lot to do with it.  Good thing I already have posted the crap outta my coffee pictures and such on here!   I have also noticed that every time I am trying to pack and move and such, I get overly sick.  

   I was just reading yesterday that if you had a billion dollars, and spent $1000 a day, it would take over 2,000 years to spend it all.  I think I might like to have problems like that.  Actually I think money ruins great people.   Although if I ever won the lottery I would not turn down the cash.   I would like to have enough live happily, provide for my family, and help those that need help around me.   I find it amazing the huge amount of cash some people have "stock- piled" compared to the $0 in my bank account.   But for the most part, I am happy.   And I often wonder if they can say the same. 


                                 What happens when you ask a stupid question on the Internet.

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