Saturday, February 4, 2012


                         **"Sometimes I think I am retarded in my speech."**----Weeds

    I often find that things sound way better in my head than when I speak them.   Although it does not usually show in my blogs, my written expression is the best choice more times than not.  Although I am sure what comes out of my mouth and getting b*tch slapped can be very entertaining to those around me. 

   Did you see the news articles I believe out of Vermont, were every tree tastes like maple I believe is there state motto.   Some were back East for sure.   The local police departments got a bunch of prisoners to design the new logos for the police cars.  Included in the great landscape scene, complete with mountains and trees, is when examined closely, a pig roaming around the country side.  He is now seen on all the local police cars as well.    Good times!

   Knowing that it is very likely I will be working at my restaurant job as a server on V-Times day.  I suddenly have this urge to slip fake engagement rings on the tables of any dinners that look like they are a couple.   Or could be a couple.   Or simply just if the table has two people eating at it, whatever sex they may be.  Call me a devils advocate or simply disgruntled from being states away from those that I love.  But I think the scenarios played out would well make up for what will probably be a very slow night at work.   The restaurants motto is "Just Better" which does not really instill fine date dinning to me anyway.   It really doesn't seem like a good slogan for anything from a restaurant to condoms.   Don't worry honey, these are just better!  

   I have noticed, with the highly used spell check, that I can not spell the word restaurant.  I am a firm believer that if you can't pronounce a word, you can't be one.   So although I can say server, for sure, I might not really be one.   More prudent to the topic, since I can't spell restaurant, maybe I really shouldn't work in one?   On the same note, one day in Arizona, we were trying to find a rental house to move into.   The last one we were trying to find, I to this day do not  think really existed.  After calling the real estate agent twice, were the home should be, was a field of dirt.   We were pretty sure that the house was not under ground.   And house number 112 and 114 were on both sides of the empty lot.   Before calling the agent a 3rd time, I decided the same rule went to rentals.  If you can not find the house, you can not live in it. 

      Speaking of urges, I once again would have loved to be able to reach through the phone and strangle some people the other day at my airline help center.   I do have to say that when I did talk to an actual person, they were as helpful as possible, they really did not help me, but some say I am beyond help anyway.   In fact I think most say that.   AND the lady on the other end of the phone knew perfect English.  Probably even better English than I done have!   The main problem this time was being on hold.   In fact the first few times I called the company, a computer voice informed me that the call volume was so high, that I did not have the choice to wait on hold.  I could attempt again to find an answer on there web sight, or try to call back later.   Eventually I got past this recording, and was instantly put on hold.   Some how the estimated waiting time kept going up the longer I was on hold.  I am not sure how that works.   After being on hold so long, with a pre recorded voice thanking you for staying on the line, I almost missed the actual worker, when she started talking to me.   In the end I learned more about how helpful Aligent Air thought they were, than anyone should really know.   If you have free time, you can call me, and I will fill you in on what I learned.  I did not however accomplish anything I called the company for.   But I guess if the company keeps telling themselves and anyone foolish enough to call, how great they are, they must truly be Super!   I find it like Qwest, who over-charged most of their customers for years.   And than after they got caught, sent a refund to there customers.  Most of which found a new phone company.    Soon after they had all kinds of ads on TV, telling people what a great company they really were.   Yeah buddy.   When they get caught, they refund your cash, faster than you can say tax audit.

     I noticed while I was cutting through the local tire and lube shop, on my way to Wally World.   The long line of cars waiting to get serviced.   Several quick notes on this.  Beyond really wanting to type the word "serviced" in this paragraph.   First off, I could never work at a business like this because every time a car pulled up, I would have the huge urge to yell out "Lube it up!"  And I do not see this entertaining the boss, at least after the first day.   On the same note, I noticed this same business was hiring workers in the paper.   And listed the job under Lube Techs.   It just seems like this would bring constant jokes on anyone with that as there job title.  But maybe I am over thinking it just a little bit?  

     Lastly for tonight.   On the topic of urges.   People might ask me why I would want to move back to Washington.   Yes they might.   And I really do not think I can ever  express in words all the reasons.   Topping the list is my awaiting future wife.   And the kids that live with her.    She is everything to me, and I hope that someday soon I can prove my love to her.    They are all I want for the rest of my life.   And I will daily strive to be a better husband and father.   I will also do everything in my power to protect them, starting from here as much as possible from states away.  And than obviously 100% more once I move in.   And although the move is only 20 days away, it seems like an infinity X ten at this point.   
       What I get to dream of at night.   And soon will be by my side forever and a day.


     As I was just reminded, every picture I have is old.   But they are great.   Because they remind me of alllll the great times through the years.    Soon we will have tons more pictures.   Each of snap shot of pure joy.   And loving life again.   Don't worry I wont bore my readers with the new pictures.  

    Believe it or not, I posted the following picture on Facebook 2-3 years ago with the heading "I'm gonna marry that girl someday."    And its soon to come true!  

     Please note, that I have not seen this part of my family for almost a year.   So there might be a gap with not blogs for awhile when I first get back to Washington state.  I apologize ahead of time for that. 

      Happy Trails!

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