Monday, February 13, 2012


      Garfield the cat hates Mondays with a passion.   Since I never seem to have a job were I have actual weekends off, I really don't mind any day more than any other.  But have learned from lots of research of the cartoon, that I am a lot like the cat.   Anyways, he really really does not like Mondays that fall on the 13th, like today.   And tries to do every thing possible to stay in bed all day those days.   I have already failed that, but did get to sleep in today for a change. 

   In honor of moving back to Washington state next week, trading in snow and bitter cold for rain and much warmer temperatures.  It must have took them years to take this picture on a sunny day.   Actual the summers are great and sun filled.   And everyone walks around squinting, until they recall what that bright light in the sky is. 

    Gone the way of the cassette tape and VHS videos.   Kids born soon will have no clue what items from our past are.  And bringing them up will make us feel as old as our folks when they talk about 8-tracks and riding to school on there horse.   Advances in technology are going in leaps and bounds now though.   So who knows what things will be obsolete by next year. 

   Several years ago a friend of mine learned that no one in our social group had watched the movie Deliverance.   I now know that this is a good thing.   We rented the movie and found some brews.  For those of you that don't know, it was a cutting edge movie for its time, I think it was filmed in the 70's.   Now a days the same morbid plot line could be found in Saturday morning cartoons.   Burt Renolds is in the movie, and very young.  It starts out very kool, these guys go on a manly bonding trip and canoe through the back woods.   Even with beverages, the movie goes south about half way through.  Very very south!   The next day at work, I made the huge blunder of telling my boss that we had a Deliverance party.  Needless to say, she was shocked, and spit her sandwich halfway across the break room.   "What?!!"    she yelled out, after recovering from spitting out her lunch.  I quickly rephrased my sentence, saying that we had watched the Deliverance movie.   A slightly better sentence.  OK  much better.  

As I am typing this I am also enjoying some great coffee.  OK, it is a home brew, so enjoying some coffee.
I have not hit all ten of these, so I am fine!

    Valentines day is tomorrow.  A new twist for me this year,  I have a great girl friend, fiance, but we will be miles and states apart.   I get to spend the night at work, surrounded by happy couples, stuffing there faces.   And miss her.   In a small redemption, I will be there next week.  In her arms.   I don't have a twin brother, so April is safe!


                     Yeah me!   I get to really learn what love forever and a day is.  
   For those of you not keeping track.   I have four days of actual work left.  And with business really slowing down this winter, I am very happy about this.  This Sunday was the busiest work day I have had in months.   And although the tips were great, I was not used to running my butt off all day.   In the same count down, I have 12 days left in Wyoming!

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