Monday, May 16, 2011

      **"Some people were dropped as a baby. You were clearly thrown at a wall."**

 **"I am not sure I can recommend works new smothered chicken, without laughing. is that wrong?"**

   We have a brand new menu at work.   Although most customers realize everything is passed down from the higher beings of cooperate knowledge, some are very bugged by things like items lost.   In the interest of keeping my job, and frankly being so happy that I am employed again, I really do not have any problems with the new menu.  Friday night was the first crash course with the menu some of us had.   It had just dropped that day, and we had a packed house most of the night.   The servers were not real familiar with the items, and defiantly not were they were on our ordering screens.  And the cooks were defiantly not very familiar with things.  It is now Monday and things will run much smoother by everyone I am sure.  
    I will say that in my long career at Wally World---any time cooperate jumped in, it was usually for the worse.  For everyone involved  accept those that watched and profited from the company's bottom line.   Many new rulings seemed to come down from people who had never worked in retail before and maybe had never worked around actual people.   And if you questioned the most odd ball new rules, no one an authority image, had a real answer, it was just what cooperate wanted.   No matter if it was productive, or even close to logical, don't question things and do what you were told. 

**"The biggest stall to communication is the illusion that it has occurred."**---Criminal Minds **"
    With the above, a series lack of communication usually is a root of problems.   I can't tell you how many times I had my days off as a cashier, and than everything had changed.  From rules to money raisers we were now doing.   Many times the customers knew more about what was going on than I did.   This goes all the way up to the big wigs of a corporation that do not take the time to listen to there customers and or workers.  It applies to your co-workers, spouses, pets, most aspects of life sadly enough.   With this in mind, lately I try to actually listen to those talking to me, instead of thinking what off the wall story to share as soon as they finely stop talking. 

   **"Why do so many people find the need to open up completely to a natural smart ass??"**

  Again in that same thought line---for once.  People--many people come to me and share all the time.   Many times they share way more than I, or probably anyone wants to know.   This is a given for my few best friends, they can call and share or vent to me any time of the day or night.  And I will give them the help I can without to many personal jabs.    But people have always found the need to share to me.   Usually way to much.   And most of them know, I usually reply with whatever is at the top of my mind, not always the nicest or the answer they were looking for.   

    The worse are those that come to me "wanting honest feedback" and than get angered by my replies.   Maybe those are the best?   I would say so, if my answers offended them, but several weeks later they come to me again.   Some times it is great though.   At one job --silverware rolling time became a story time of sorts.   Started by me mostly rambling about anything and everything, and than eventually the few other unlucky closers sharing.   It became an end of the work night ritual.   A time were we could escape from the crap of the work night, and forget the petty problems we had with each other that night.  And at least for me was very therapeutic! 
                           **"Today marks the 58th day of spring. Can you tell?"**

    I do not know how it is places I do not live, for sure, but it has been far from spring temperatures here lately.   Actually when I log onto my computer it tells me the weather conditions in several of the city's I used to live in.   Partly because I am a geek and partly because I am always on a quest to find another  place to move.   More so when I am living in Wyoming.   Yesterday morning I layed in bed -listening to the wind howl like crazy,  sure that I would see snow on the ground.   Luckily this was not true, but it has been chilly enough here for sure.  

   I am pretty sure I ate most of the dirt in this side of town, while returning home from the store yesterday.  It was bad enough one of the major, fine trees in the city park blew across the road.  Probably causing the entire fire and police department to show up, and defiantly made the headlines in this exciting town.  I also like to compare headlines for many places I have lived.  And although bad things happen no matter were you live, the major events here seem to involve wildlife in some form or another,or just seem very small compared to all the true evil there is out there.   
   The place I am at now has an outdoor pool, but that does me no good this time of year.   Although I have jumped in a pool or lake in January, there is still no water in this one.  The owners probably fear waking up to a skating rink some morning!  I do hope spring hurrys up, or we just skip to summer weather here.  Because summer is soooo short in the true west.  

   **"**Save ALL of your cell phone info!!** When your phone blows up, gets stolen, or gets flushed ---you will be glad you did."**

    In closing I offer a wee bit of advise for this month.   A ton of my friends have had problems with there cell phones in the last few weeks, and the end result is usually that they suddenly do not have any of the information stored in them.  From pictures to appointments to actual phone numbers.   Imagine using a phone to call someone in this day and age!   I now have a list of all the phone numbers I need saved in my computer.  And I believe a hand written copy also.   Because at one time, I flushed my phone--don't ask.   Besides costing to get a new phone, I had no ones phone numbers.  

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