Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Knowing You All!

    **"What is the parking situation like at the Special Olympics?"**----Jerry Seinfield

**"Today, I knocked on the door of the bathroom to make sure nobody was in there before I walked in. Then I remembered I live alone."**-----It's still hard going from five people sharing one bathroom, to one person in a very small apartment.  But wow is it quiet!   Too quiet most nights, which makes my mind wander a little to much.   Some times it is to "good" places- were I come up with ideas to fill blogs.   More often it is to dark places, filled with great loss and regret for a life that will probably never happen. 

  **"I want to open a liquor store and call it --The 13th Step. Right next to my topless coffee shop called --Perkies!"**---Me

 I have written about this a few times now.  But this time have the actual article.   And I thought we had at least till 2012!   Party it up tonight--cause according to tweaks nation wide--the rapture starts tomorrow! Guess that makes most of my fighting irrelevant?  I'll be "celebrating" by working! **Best part---they even have it down to the hour things start! 

    **"If most accidents happen in or near your home. Aren't people with RV's doubly screwed?"**

   Just sayin' -reports show that most accidents happen in your home, or within ten miles of home.  So if your home is an RV or you are a snow bird---watch out!   If something very serious happens, not only can you hurt yourself, but your home.   I spent a glorious winter in a very old fifth wheel.   With no real destination or goal from day to day.   In fact this is how I first found the great north west.   And eventually led me to living in Oregon for about six years.  

    I recently "slipped up" and bought some Tums with peppermint in them, because they were way cheaper than the regular ones.   As in many items--there is a reason they were cheaper!   Beyond the horrible taste, they burned going down, actually making the heartburn worse as you chewed on them.   I guess this works well for the company, because you than need more Tums to fix the now worse heartburn!  If nothing else, I now had minty fresh  breath though!
    I have been refraining from complaining about my job lately.  For several reasons.  I find a Wal Mart smile suits me best most nights.  Which may or may not be very very fake!   Luckily the person that always knows it's fake, lives in Washington.   Don't get me wrong, I love working again!   It's just many interesting things are happening at work lately.   I have stuck to ignoring stories about work on here --for the most part.   Here I must ask you if this is ironic though----
Last year we had a manager who didn't trust everyone on the register.   Money seemed to be going, poof!  But she knew I was not the culprit.   She always trusted me on the register.   And when it was busy, this wasn't always a good thing.   You might spend a long time on the register, while your customers wander were there food is, and if there server is eating it in the back room.  Anyways,   this same manager eventually got fired for stealing money.   
                    **"Y do I need my heater in MAY? Welcome to Wyoming !"**---Me

    Although I do enjoy rain much more than snow, in day three, this is already getting old.   I could have seen daily rain by staying in Washington.  

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  1. ****Found this after my post----!/event.php?eid=121968371215699 Just further proof that a rapture is close, just not very likely this weeksend close.