Sunday, May 22, 2011

Please Hold While I Check Our Death Calanders

    **"Today's mission: Leave random piles of clothes everywhere. Especially on the sidewalk outside of religious fanatics houses. Anyone got extra wallets I can barrow?!?"**---Eric Spawn

**"It’s funny about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the very best you will very often get it."**---
                                                    William Somerset Maugham

                  **"With the start of summer a month away---Spring can kick in any time!"**!/event.php?eid=121968371215699

 I did not find this sight until after I had published my last blog.   Guess it really wasn't needed --just yet.     This ones a little more entertaining to me anyway.  Because I am sure the backpedaling/re figuring has already started.   Not saying I don't believe all of this is really coming, I just don't see how anyone except The One has an exact time.!/event.php?eid=202625436445301

                         **"If this keeps up I can boat to work!"**----Me        This guy is a little to excited, but it shows how bad things already are out of Lodgegrass Montana.   Heard the highway just out of Sheridan -North is closed because of flooding.  Big Horn is slowly going underwater because of little Jackson Creek.   I am suddenly very glad that this section of Little Goose Creek has very very high banks.   Hope most along the route stay so lucky.   I realize all of us want the actual spring weather to return.  But when it does, things are going to get much worse.  There is an unbelievable amount of snow up in the mountains this year.  Hope everyone stays safe!
This weather is the normal for Washington state, but they are way more prepared for it.   Even though--the lowlands usually see some flooding.  
    I hated most of my experiences in Arizona.   Although I have to say I wouldn't trade in any of them!   The main time you see rain is during the monsoon season.   And it dumps!   Basically it gets so hot for so long --that even God says there should be rain.  And it is a warm, awesome rain aka downpour.  People don't realize how deep and fast running water can quickly become, even if it is running over a road.   So Arizona has the idiot person law.   Every year a family tries to cross to deep water and has to be rescued.  Usually they are rescued with a helicopter, while hanging on to the top of a very flimsy looking tree.   If this family happens to be you---you now owe the state of Arizona all fees involved in your rescue.   One of the best things about the state.  Possibly only because I have not yet had to pay that fine!    The second best thing of the state, for me anyway, besides leaving the state.  Was that the yearly time changes do not effect Arizona at all.   They never change there clocks, back or forward.   Although I never knew what time it was for any of my friends, it was great!  Each state should adapt this.  

                                 Check it out for a well needed laugh or two!

            **"Every time I look at my work schedule it is completely different. Still not positive what I am actually working today. O speed up the time, when I am working for myself again!"**---Me

I am not going to touch on this much---because I enjoy my job a lot, most days.   But every time I have looked at my work schedule in the last week, it has changed.   Most discouragingly, it changes with no input from me.  Now at Wally World, I could play dumb and work what my schedule used to be.   Wally World also had a few hundred more workers than my current job, and blending in was much easier.  
    I am reasonably sure scheduling for such a small number of workers shouldn't be a huge chore.  In fact there is probably an app for that.   At least an app would not be overly compensating for every ones endless scheduling problems.  It's awesome to work with everyone, but at some point everyone just takes advantage.   Leaving those of us with no restrictions on hours or days stuck changing for others gains.   With that, if you can't work someones Else's hours--don't take there hours!   I bend to accommodate what my employer needs.  And should be given more hours for that, not loose time at work.    When I first meet my gal, she had---has   three kids and most nights no one beyond day care to watch the kids.  But she still managed to close at lest five nights a week at work.   Just sayin'

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