Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Rambling And or Finished Thoughts--For Now

I have self tittled this---"A weenie by a weenie!"   Sadly we stopped driving one day in Arizona just to take this picture.   At a store opening for a Wally World---Ewwww!

                           **"I can't truly have a stalker till i buy a smart phone."**---Me

  Much talk about this lately-and as always South Park takes it to the extremes.  Episode also, if nothing else, gives an important warning about reading contracts before you sign them, or click OK on your computer.   I personally have always wanted a stalker, and would find it great fun to stalk my stalker.  Although I believe that now that I have moved back to Wyoming---Boring mecca of the west, my stalker might very quickly fall asleep while watching my daily actions.  One does not really need a stalker in a small town, because everyone knows what you are doing.  Many times, they know things even you don't know!   Yesterday at work was great fun, because brand new workers were telling me story's about myself, from last time I worked with the company.  And for the most part it was info to me ---because I never did those things! 

    One of my few long term buddies is getting married next month.  They have been dating for at least 12 years now, so I guess in a way they are very much already married.  They are just making it official.  First in all honesty ---I would like to say congrats!!   I move so much, that they will not send me an actual invite.  Fearing it will be four addresses behind, by the actual wedding date.  Anyways, I offered a great money maker for the reception and such.   Offer, advertise even, free booze.   And than charge people two dollars a time to use the restroom!  I am hearby stealing it as my idea, so my bathroom trips are free....     I thought it sounded good.

    In my last post I joked about Osama's death.  Before the next day from the news, theory's filled the Internet that he was not really killed.  The government had already buried him, and it could be anyone, our president just wanted the publicity, and it was fake, etc etc.   I was talking to a great friend last night and he offered this rare wisdom---- It would be a HUGE risk to fake his death and than share it to the nation.  Simply in the case, Osama popped up alive 2-3 weeks, even years later, and said "Hi everybody!" 

    **"There is no justice for such an injustice that was brought upon us, but as Dylan once said "He's only a pawn in their game."**

    No matter how religiously based his burial really was, our nation needs to brace itself for whats to come from his followers.  For he is only a small link in the chain.  
  One also has to wander,  if he will receive many virgins when he arrives in the promised land.   And how many of them will actually be males?  

    **"A good man is not concerned about your past he is more interested in your future."**

    This applies to any sex.  Every time I move, I seem to drop friends of mine.  So this quote just caught my eye. 

   On a lighter note:   Each of my posts has buttons at the bottom, you can click on to describe how you felt the blog was.   I realize there are only three choices, but it seems that every time I break down, or slip up and write  a heart felt blog, many people click on the "funny" button.   That's almost harsh.   Although I agree with whoever clicked on "interesting" for my last blog.  It is that under any definition of the word.  As I try to keep most of my listings interesting and or funny  sometimes the transition from blank page to finished does not lead the way I or anyone reading it wants. 
                                 A true smart ass---notice the picture does not show me.  
                      An airport we all may wish to miss.   Security screening may take awhile!

           I have no idea what this sign means, but it makes me smile every time I see it.

 And finely a post from Sheridan, Wyoming.
This is in the city park.  How many towns do you know of that need rule number three??

I will honestly post about my very long trip on the bus here to what I lovingly call the boring Mecca of the west, next.  
I have just been slacking.  I hope you all enjoy this post.  Even if it is just a lil bit.


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