Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/31/11 AKA Post 120

    **"You do not fully understand something--until you can explain it to your grandmother!"**

                    **"I will not have fun with educational toys!"**---Bart Simpson

                  **If you have no T.V.---what does all of your furniture face toward?"**
                                **"Turns out chess is nothing like checkers!"**

                               **"If you smoke after sex--Your doing it to fast!"**

                                **"The best person I know  lives in my mirror!"**

    I am slowly going back to the idea of having my posts before each blog, actually deal with the blog that day.   At this point, I am just so happy when I actually post, that I do not try to get to advanced.  This makes 120 posts since last December.   Not a huge amount  but maybe I was trying to go for quality over quantity.  OK that didn't happen either.  Life just keeps getting in the way.  And for whatever reason I prefer to write while I am at a snazzy coffee shop.   Something I have seldom done in the last month.   Because of how far I am from any coffee shop and because of the constant rain.    We did see sunny skies all day today.  And most local residents seemed to join me, in wandering what that bright light in the sky really was.   Sadly, after a super busy weeksend at work, and guzzling cough medicine, to keep from getting to sickly.  And to keep from hacking up to much Flem on any ones meals.   I really did not have the energy to enjoy the sunshine today.   Hope it lasts.   I was at work a lot, and the tips were good.   Our time clocks reset Thursday, a day I was off, and I clocked out last night with just under 40 hrs.   To bad local over time is sooooooo low for servers.   Luckily my "knee pads" have been working well for me.  I got four $10.00 tips in a row last night, among all awesome tips.   Very much so considering it was a Monday. 
    Today I have no work, and am going stir crazy.   I am still trying to fight of some "crud" so really didn't see this morning.   I seem to need to find a life again, because for one of the first times in my life, I don't have a clue what to do with my free time.  To bad, like so many other things, including respect--you can not buy a life at Wally World. 
   Not that I resent anything, but I spent so much time striving for a family and things that will probably never be.   Dropping friends, and such.   That now that I am suddenly single again, I don't really have anyone to turn to, or much to occupy my time.   Last time partying took on more of my life than it should have.   And than suddenly that someone was the focus of my life again.  A direction for me.   This time I don't really want either to take over again.  But have found I bore myself, and have no real hobbies or very many friends left.   The ones I do have are great.   Hobbies and friends.   I have thanked them many times on Facebook and in my blogs past.   But would like to do this one more time!   

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