Saturday, May 7, 2011

    In starting this blog series, not this blog entry, I had many  goals and ideas.  108 posts later, I am glad to say that I am somewhat staying on track.  To improve my writing skills, I had hoped to post every day.  But life gets in the way.  And some days nothing really happens.   Some days---through all the changes and such, I honestly do not feel I could keep my negative or depressed feelings out of my writing, and save us all, by not posting.   I would like to say my writing is getting better.  Spell check does not work as hard, with most of my posts.  And I can usually sit down, and polish off a long blog in a short period of time.  One that even, mostly makes sense when I sit down a few days later, and re-read what rambling I have put down.   Although I have a long ways to go, and feel I need a full time editor to ever make it big.   I also, many days feel that there is a sale on my computer on comas.   I seem to use them a lot!   And hope I am using them mostly right.  
     One of my personal goals, was to get this blog in the hands of as many people as possible.  Partly because I like to entertain.  But mostly because I really wanted, and want feedback.  As much as I can get.   Good and ugly!  Although I have found very few people seem to respond on my actual blog sight, I have recently gotten some great feedback!   And am both surprised and thankful at the amount of readers I actually have.  From all over, but mostly my vast and great friends on Facebook top the reading list.   And of course my awesome family.   Most of the feedback, is very positive.   This is refreshing, and keeps me from bawling like a baby.   Unfortunately my thoughts are sometimes harsh to individuals.   And I have sadly learned that some of my readers were people I have criticized harshly, but never thought they would read my rambling thoughts.   To them I apologize.   This has defiantly led me to pretend everyone I know is reading the blogs, and only bash the ones that truly "need it."
    This is even boring me--so I will switch gears.  Thank you to all my readers---and please leave feedback often!
    So I trekked halfway across town to Java Moon coffee shop and am sitting here writing this mess.  Awhile back I did a blog about the best coffee shops in the Bellingham area, and hope one about Sheridan java joints very soon.  Although it is bound to be MUCH shorter.  Java Moon will make the list for sure.   Probably number one.  Although I had "issues" here today.  The baristas get your name and than drip brew your coffee.   Somehow I ended up with someone Else's morning greatness.   And it caused a big caug in the routine, and  for me to have a rarely seen slightly red face.   In the end everyone got the right brew, and I had two great coffee filled cups around me.   Revealing how my love for the brew of the God's and keeping me from having to go through the long line again. 
    I have noticed while sitting here, and my week of roaming around town.  That there is a big gap in the population of people my age around.   Lots and lots of younger people and seniors.  I can't count as high  as the amount of senior discounts I give on most nights at work.  I know people my age are out there in this town.  Somehow I just never run into most of you.  Except for in Facebook land.  A magical place --were I pick what image of me you view, and have time to plan out my words *status* and such.   Last time I moved from here, many told me I should stay in Sheridan.  Turns out many of you were right.   But I can keep up computer contact with people from practially any were.  A thing that is nice for the chronic mover. 
   My newest residence has free wi-fi.   But I had to search for computer access when I first moved back into town.  In my travels I am often amazed how connected even the most small, almost village of towns are.   But a few nights found me in the lobby of the local Holiday Inn, borrowing free Internet access.   I have to say they have very roomy and nice lobby!   It is especially tranquil, when the huge waterfall is running.  Although all of that water flow constantly made me feel like I needed to use the restroom.   I was highly disappointed that my work place does not offer free net anymore.  Especially after luggin' my laptop to the store.   Luckily they still had coffee, and I bugged the workers, and played some game on my computer.   My day brightened when I left the restaurant and saw the interesting slogan on the sign out front---Just Better.   I have talked before about the slogan--which I find way more entertaining than effective.   I will have a picture of the sign up soon, but have not yet unpacked my camera.   With the current filings for bankruptcy--I have this huge urge to change the sign to Just Bankrupt, but fear returning to work jobless.  
    I enjoy a great story like the rest of you.   And always try to tell my personnel favorite yarns on here.   Most of my fun, you honestly can't make up.   I worked at this restaurant for about  year, leaving just after last Turkey day.   And just returned last Saturday.   Sadly some of my best friendships from the store have found other employment or have just kind of slipped through the time.  Those can probably be mended in time. 
    What I noticed most, is the stories floating around the store.   Brand new workers "knew" me before introductions were made.  And told me stories, that were great, I might even claim as something I did, but NEVER actually happened.   There is nothing I can really do about this.   I am overly glad that the main manager can see through all the crap, and was more than happy to offer me my job back!   

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