Friday, May 27, 2011


                                  **"‎10000000000 sperm and you were the fastest?"**

                      This weeks helpful advice----- "Never use a plastic bag as a tissue."

**"~Be careful who's toes you step on today.. they could be connected to the foot that will kick your butt tomorrow !**"

Although I like to exclaim that sheep are safe!    This sign might state other wise.

                   **"Actual helpful supervisors rock!    And are hard to find."**-----Me

 The above is true in many settings.  From your job, *most likely, to any visit to the local box shopping center.  I have had very few bosses that were out beside you dealing with the product and the customer.   And respect those few very very highly.   I have ran into very few supervisors while shopping or doing anything over the phone, that could actually help the customer, without the use of a hissy fit.   Yesterday I meet a supervisor that was instantly both caring, and helpful!   She over threw the BS that was flung my way from her workers.   Flung my way, but through persistence, it did not stick to me.   Without going into detail, I would like to thank her full heartily!  

 Although I did not take this picture---_I wish  I could say I did----it was instantly alll over Facebook last year.   With all the talk of rain and flooding lately---I present this flashback.    Luckily this never touched down.  But how close it was is alarming.   Most discouraging, was that I was at work with my boss, watching the dark clouds--in the other direction, at the exact same time, this funnel was forming behind us.   We never  actually say this cloud.   The building I work in is so old, and everything is Macgivered together with duck tape and mouse poo.   So if a tornado were to hit, it would actually be much safer to run outside of the structure!                           Always a good video and a lesson for all  every day.  Good Time   from Alan Jackson. 
This song writer says ---the customers were just begging for her to sing about them.   Get your fill of Wal Marts best dressed  AND a catchy song to boot!  
Have you watched Sesame Street lately?
Cookie Monster does not eat cookies anymore.  Because with making everything PC  it is not "right" for him to eat so unhealthy.  
I grew up watching him every day---and I don't eat cookies everyday... OK  I don't JUST eat cookies.  I watched Oscar the Grouch everyday and I don't live in a dump.  Or count like a vampire.   Give kids and or people some credit.  And stop blaming everyone else if you are fat or really do live in a dump because you are a hoarder or allergic to cleaning. 

   First above picture is a quick way to reduce waiting times at places like the DMV!
The second--may well be of the welcoming committee at the AZ/Mexico border.  
   I never got pictures  but while I lived in Arizona there was an "ice cream truck" roaming around our neighborhoods that was an old blue mini van with pictures of ice cream on the sides and stick on letters like you buy at Wally World--stating Ice Cream on the side.   I can only imagine the owner had a freezer in the back filled with actual ice cream and plugged into his cigarette lighter.  I just saw un-safe written alll over that van also some how.
   When we lived in the dessert valley some were out of Queen Creek   a town that only seemed to exist because of Wally World, and before Phoniex.  Another van used to pull up ---and proudly hang sings about fresh seafood.   I do not know how it could be close to fresh, or how he even kept it cold.   Every time I saw the van, I seemed to be late for work.   But I can only imagine the freshness was as safe for your innards as the going to near the back of the ice cream van was safe for your kids. 

  When I first got this ad in my mail box I thought it was a joke.   Several of us at work used to yell Kaboom through the store after the kaboom cleaner came out.   Not the best idea --post 9-11 , but I seldom think things through.   Anyways, this is a male enhancement pill  with possibly the worse product name ever.  

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