Friday, May 6, 2011

**Mini Rant #11--Changed Promises**


                        **"Women are cannibals... they swallow little unborn children."**
 **"People who don't mind their P's and Q's shouldn't be surprised when they are met with an F and a U."**

               **"Drive up ATM's have Braille. Who is giving blind people driver's licenses?"**

                        **"Sarcasm... orgasm... when done right, they both feel amazing!"**

   I just keep makin new mistakes. And there are a TON of things to do wrong

It is once again Friday, so time for a mini rant!   Today it is hard to tell what the topic really is, from my quotes.   I try to keep them somewhat with the topic, but had some stored up "good ones"  Most of the time I give credit were it is due, but many times I really do not know were the deep quotes come from.   Beyond my sometimes it feels like endless wandering on the Internet. 
    I for the most part, do what I promise someone.  It might take longer than expected to fill out this promise, but some day it will hold true.  Be it showing up early for a job or paying people back money owed.  I have trouble when individuals can not do this.  But can look around it, they are also only humans and all.  Besides most of the time it is only a verbal contract.   When a business or corporation ducks out on there word, than I have greater issues.   Or worse yet, when a worker argues with me instead of trying to fix the problem.  I have worked for Wally World for 8 years in my past, and have often noticed workers find a need to argue with me instead of fixing the problem.  Most of the time I really do know what I am talking about and they are in the wrong.  It just depends on how busy my day is, on how much I push the issue.   One thing I notice all the time, is how few people can count back change--the right way.  This seems like an overly simple task, but start paying attention when you go shopping or out to eat, how many cashiers just pile the money in your hand.  I have observed that many really can not count change back.   When I push the issue---they stutter there way through it.   After so long in retail, I defiantly do NOT agree that the customer is always right.  But find it hard to believe that arguing with the customer, is good business. 
     Somewhat related---as that great great relative of yours that is far out on the family tree the branch is about to break.  You are not really sure who's side of the family she is on, but she always shows up to family functions and knows everyone.  Making you feel double bad about not even knowing her name.   --Is the non Dollar Store  Dollar Stores.   It seems to be a new trend to open these type of stores and charge more than a dollar for everything!   If you have to do a price check in a dollar store--something is wrong.  That should be one of the easiest jobs around.   Seems a little like false advertising to me?  *Time for a little plug for Dollar Tree stores----everything in these stores is actually a dollar!   I am not positing this to get free stuff from them---Hello, there stuff is already really cheap---just sayin'.   That would kind of be like stealing from the 99 cent store, when the security guard at Macy's was asleep at work.
    All of this comes from a few days ago.  I often find even the simplest tasks to be not simple for me.  For almost a year I had rented a local motel room in this little city.  Upon just arriving back in town, I thought the same motel would be nice and convenient.   Just a few days before hand my old renting rate was offered.   When I stopped by the motel, the rate had went out the window.   The owner had supposedly received his new electric bill, and because his rates were higher, mine should be too.   I tried to explain how my slightly reduced rate guaranteed for at least five months, was better than the $0 a month if I walked away.   The owner did not agree, but his temper started to flare right away.   Again yelling at a potential customer does not seem like the best business plan.   A possible reason many of the rooms remain empty all summer?  More than likely it is that no one is ever in the office, so one could rent a room.  Whatever the reason, I took my hard earned cash down the street, and found a better room with a pool.   Well right now it's an empty hole in the ground, but when winter goes away for good I will have a pool!   Right now if they filled it with water, we might all wake up to a skating rink.
    Even knowing that word of mouth is herd way more --when the words are negative, I will not mention the name of this motel in my blog.   Mainly because only about three of my readers would know were the place was anyway.   I have always worked in customer service, and some times it is hard to stay quiet.   I have had days were I was biting my tongue so hard it was bleeding, trying to not say something overly dumb to a customer.  Especially when I worked the service desk.   Maybe this experience just makes me see faults faster?   The same as my years as a food server, make me overly critical any time I go out to dinner.  
    BAD customer service is very alive in small towns like this.   Mostly because, in many cases the customer has not other choice that offers that product.   Last time I was in Taco Bell, it took 20 minutes to find a worker that could, or would work the cash register and take my order.  The service kind of went down hill from there.   But in a place like this, no one else offers tacos, so deal with it or drive two hours to Billings, and another state.   Maybe I am just spoiled from the last town I was in.   Minum wage was almost $9.00 an hour and jobs were very far and few between.   So workers did not want to loose there jobs.   They also knew if they slipped up to much, 500 people were waiting in line for there job.   One could go to the most run down looking restaurant, and receive four star service.   Plus it was a big enough town there were always plenty of choices if the business treated you "wrong."

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