Wednesday, April 27, 2011

   So tomorrow night I will once again be boarding Greyhound for a cross country trip.  23 hours of fun to be exact.   I really hope I get one of the fabouled new buses.  I use that word, because I keep seeing advertising about the very nice looking buses, but have yet to see one or better yet, ride in one.   Among other things, they have wi-fi while you are travailing.  That way I could write an all day blog describing the bus trip first hand.   It would start out with many entries about how it was dark outside.  Because my bus leaves here at nine P.M.   This is in an attempt to get a little sleep while it is still dark.   I have found it is almost imposable to sleep on the bus.  And about the time you almost give up and pass out, the bus stops in the middle of no were--and everyone has to get off.  
    I realize that pen and paper works just as well for writing everything down.  Especially because it will probably, almost hopefully be a boring trip.   But I have things like games and Netflix on my computer.   Most of the time, I give up and just attempt to stay awake the whole trip.  Somewhat easier this time, because of free coffee at Mcdonalds right now.  But interesting things just seem to follow me.  Making even the most boring tasks interesting.  And possiablely the only reason some of my friends ever talk to me.   Plus all of these happenings make my blog posts almost readable!
    I really think it would be exciting to hitchhike home.   And than write about all that.   I see two major drawbacks to this.  Well three.   Self locking doors---- all the doors lock when the key is turned.  It really is freaky to have to except a ride from strangers, and than have all the doors lock.   It really is almost impossible to land  a ride this way anymore.   No one will stop, even if you are not creepy looking like myself.   I try to stay very open minded, and have personally stopped for very very few hitchhikers.   Annnd possibly most importantly I am afraid of the kind of person that would pick me up.   **4/29/11---Today I learned it is almost impossible to land on your feet, while jumping out of a moving car.   But it seemed safer than staying in the vehicle with a distracted driver.   Distracted by the running chainsaw he was holding. 
    I DO really think it would be fun to jump a freight train and just see were it goes.  Ride the rails.  One from here would have to be very sure the train was heading south.   For the Canadian border is very close, Aye.   And I believe it would be a very short trip when the boarder patrol wrestled me to the ground.   Take a long a few hundred bucks, in case I got stranded some were far from home.  Or maybe just for bail money.  I have another crazy friend that shares the thought line, that this would be fun.   Safety in numbers, using the buddy system, and we would always have someone around to post the others bail all come to mind. 
    Because of extra free time lately and to prep myself mentally for the big move, I have talked to a lot of people online lately.  And I have to admit, that I have some very "deep" and insightful friends.   Who'd of thunk?   I still have no definite plan for the future, but things are looking clearer.  And I am feeling much better about everything.   The guaranteed job back, is a huge load off my mind.   I do have to say I have fewer good friends all the time.  Usually when I move, I seem to clean house.   But to those of you that have been there--through it all   thank you!

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