Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Almost Out of "Retirement!"

                                            **"Colored eggs taste better!"**

Some people say I move a lot.   Most that say that --are speaking the truth.   It's hard to stay ahead of the FBI!  
I find it fun to tell co workers all different places that I have moved each time I move.  And have started to realize that even some of my better friends have no idea were I live most of the time.  
Wherever you go--there you are.
So above I included a map of my current location!

Has nothing to do with this blog--just entertainin'

   So after months of job hunting gone bad-in a far from good economy.  Filled with tons of rejections even from low end jobs.   With each rejection further bringing my attitude and spirits down, my "retirement" is soon to come to an abrupt end!   I have fully decided that not working is only fun for a short amount of time.   At least when you are poor.  I have not had enough cash to fully try out this theory.  If any formally unknown relatives of mine, would like to leave me some big cash?  Anyway, I leave for back home very soon--and was a little worried about getting hours at my old job when I got back into town.   They were overly awesome hiring me back, but that doesn't mean they had much work time for me yet.   I had heard stories of to many workers and not enough business yet.  But these were all calmed yesterday, and a rare sight lately appeared on my face.   A huge, real smile.   I do not leave for Wyoming till this Thursday, and will not get off the bus for good till some time Friday night.   One of my bosses called yesterday, said she was making the new work schedule, and put me on starting Saturday afternoon.  

At least in the summer!

    Maybe it's from the months without working, the constant rejections, the time away from the job that also allowed me to forget it's faults and annoinces.   Whatever it is  it is a huge weight of my shoulders.   And it is awesomeness.  Too have a place really want me, and praise the work I had done there in the past.  I am sure they do not know how much that means to me right now.  I am sure things will become annoying and repetitive.   But that is any job or relationship.   You change the situation, the best you can  or in this economy join the long welfare lines.   I could very well be the funniest person in the unemployment line.   Working there before, I really liked this job.   It is the first job I wanted to get up and go to in  long time.  And although the pay wasn't the best ---the co workers and perks made up for that.  And I hope that it will be like going back to a great friend when I return.    Although you can never really return home.   Things are always changing while you are away.  With you and with home.   Some good  some far from good. 
    But home ---is always welcoming and comfortable.  No matter what you did while you were away.  Family and true friends will be there to help pick up the pieces and call you a dumb ass.   I now realize that my current relationship will never be near the same after this trip home for me.  But I hope that with the distance, the above concepts will again grow.  So that --  If in time, I stray back to this fine town--I can't return to the home I know now.  But to a great friend that can call me a dumb ass without breaking a smile on her beautiful face. 

At least she thinks I'm funny----funny lookin'

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