Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If it Wasn't for Bad Luck-I Would Have no Luck at All


 **"  I have been through some terrible things in my life some of which actually happened."**---mark twain

                        **" If it wasn't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all."**

                               **"Actions speak way stronger than words."**

    Not that I make up my stories.   I do not have that good of an imagination.   I am very sure the only reason one of my friends still talks to me, is that I have several great and or entertaining stories a week for him.  Of course he always seems to have some in return.  Usually hardships usually sadly funny.   Mostly about how even the simplest tasks can turn into an all day drama.   Damn craving a bagel anyway!   We have talked about compiling our adventures and sob stories into book form.   Title it something like "Compared- your life rocks!"  O.K. no, but that's the concept.  
    Under the same concept--but not my stories-- I was just reading that money filled safes are washing up on the beaches all around Japan.   Many residents do not use banks, and much of the money was in a wall safe  so probably not returnable.  Talk about a great day on the beach.  I am almost thinking about a flight to the country just to take a long stroll on the beach in my carpenter pants, because they have many deep pockets.   I am sure flights are cheap.  But am not sure all the new cash would be enough to cure any radiation poisoning.   Is anyone else amazed how they have found small traces of radiation as far inland as Colorado? 
    I often wonder not radiation  from cell phones and such is doing to us as a race.  But all of the waves going through our bodies in any given day.   All of those phone conversations, wi fi waves, etc etc are bouncing all over.  I do not understand the technology in the least, but am sure it is at least a little harmful.  Ever notice how more and more people just "go postal" at work?  My buddies co-worker just snapped at work, losing her job.  They worked in retail, and when a customer was angered that she, the under paid worker of a huge corporation, did not instantly have the answer to his question, she started to lose it.  It quickly escalated much to far, and the worker was escorted out of the building and the job by the police.  A great deal of all of this is brought on by the sinking economy I'm sure.  And will only get worse.   But as more and more get cell phones and bounce the talk waves off your flat head, I picture it getting much worse. 
    I also just saw on the news how a couple thought they were suddenly rich after reading their winning numbers in the local paper.  First I was shocked, to hear that people actually still read the paper!   From Friday till Monday they thought they had won 4 million dollars.   On Monday they read that paper had posted the drawn numbers from the Thursday not Friday and that they were really the proud winners of more debt!   This reminds me of another fellow born loser I worked with at Wally World while living in Oregon.   He was at home doing yard work one beautiful day, and saw the Publishers Clearing House prize caravan turn onto his street.  He was remotely interested, that they were on his street, but not yet thrilled.   As he paused from building an Olympic sized bird bath, or whatever the days honey do list entailed, he noticed the caravan was slowing down.   As they slowed even more, he became very excited, almost giddy.  Soon he threw his shovel to the ground and started waving at the cars he was sure were coming to his driveway.   They slowed even more, honking a cheery welcome!  Than quickly passed---and pulled into his neighbors driveway!   Call me evil, but I can still picture his sad face as he told us the story, and this was easily eight years ago.
    As I am really not looking forward to my extra long bus trip at the end of the month.  I do not sit well at all.   I do know that my misfortune brings local people joy.  Weather they would ever admit it.   Actions speak way stronger than words.  After watching the news the last few weeks, I am very glad I am taking the bus.  You never hear about problems with Greyhound beyond it being very slow and late.  Amtrk is awesome to ride, but they tend to have problems staying on the tracks.   Last night I saw footage were a Large jet basically rolled into and over a smaller plane while taxing into the terminal.  Just before that a planes top started to come off while in flight!  Turning it into a flying convertible.  And just before that a jet landed with several bullet holes going all the way through the plane. 
    All of these are examples of great stories that were entertaining but not really good for the people involved.  Although none of these are my stories, my buddy and I have enough of these to fill a book.

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