Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4/6/11 Time Flies When Your Wasting Time.

    I am sitting at the Lakeway Fred Myers people watching and using there free wi-fi.  But mostly wasting time.   People watching can be great fun.  Obviously some places are better for this than others.   The bus is always for this.  Although I tend to take a book to stare at.  Less people try to talk to you if you are staring at the pages.   Headphones work great too, because even if people decide to talk to you, you can't hear them.   For extra fun tune into a country station, crank the volume, and head bang to the rhythm.  
    I realize I grew up in the sticks, and am easily amused, but find it interesting to pick random people and guess what they do.   There profession, if married or committed to twenty cats.   Why they even ventured out of bed that morning.    I also do this because my own life story is so boring I have time to make up others lives.   I was going to write my life story down, but ended up with mostly blank pages.  
    I would like to take this time to apologize to someone from last week.   I realize that they will probably never read this, or even hear about it, but hope that putting it in print, will help me feel just a little bit better.   Karma in my eyes is very  real and in the last few years I have really tried to be nice to everyone I am in contact with in a day.   I recently posted "Dear Karma I have learned enough for awhile!" as my status on Facebook.   To which  a friend posted---"Tough sh*t!"   I often ramble about the time wasting evils of Facebook and find myself on the sight way to much.   As I am typing this up, a second window is open up on Facebook.   I recently read a blog about a mother who decided way to much of her time and energy was given to the sight and gave it up.   Every day after she recorded her feelings and such.   Several months later it was full of allll of the things her and her kids now did to fill the days.   Before that she recorded heavy signs of withdrawal!   From shaky to wanting to eat all the time to fill the hours.  She at first reacted a lot like someone whom had just lost a close family member to death.   Kind of scary.   Anyways, back to my apology.   Boy your mind wanders, and I apologize for stalling the apology.
    On April first I was walking near the campus, and almost got hit while in a crosswalk.  I believed, as I was trying to not get hit, that the car that almost hit me, was also laying on there horn.   And as I was explaining with my hands what a crosswalk was----in short the thing I was standing in the middle of.   My hand gestures soon moved to flipping the lady off.   As I noticed her face drop, and more importantly both her hands go into the air, I heard the honking again.   Almost through the cross walk I realized she was not the annoying party.   Sooo, April Fools lady I guess, and sorry! 
    I would also like to stop and pause to thank a regular reader of my blogs.   She recently verbally praised my writing in general.   And although I believe I need much work in all aspects of writing, her thoughts are a big reason I am posting today.   I really have nothing to say, but believe in the benefits for me in writing each and every day.  Somewhat on this same note or thought line, I have the start of what could turn into a novel some day written down.  I started it two years ago, and put it to the side.   It is still on a side burner, mostly because I am at a stall in the narration.   It is in very ruff form.   If anyone would like to read what I have, and possibly get me going again---please let me know.   I will get you a copy.  
    My first set back, is that I need a full time editor.   Anyone that has read this blog more than once, knows that spell check alone does not help me fully.   I have had a total brain fart and forget were I was going with this paragraph, so will end it here.  

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